Spiritual Dog Names

Break away from the mainstream and give your dog a spiritual or mystical name. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Spiritual Dog Names

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All Spiritual Dog Names

  • Meaning: A Breath
  • Meaning: Adornment.
  • Meaning: Righteous, fair.
  • Meaning: Shield of the gods.
  • Meaning: Japanese for 'harmony; spirit or energy
  • Meaning: Sanskrit for 'sky
  • Meaning: Strong and beautiful
  • Meaning: Happiness.
  • Meaning: Messenger of god
  • Meaning: Gracious, Merciful
  • Meaning: God of War.
  • Meaning: The lion of god
  • Meaning: Rising sun.
  • Asa
    Meaning: Healer; physician.
  • Meaning: Hebrew for 'blessed, fortunate'
  • Meaning: Crowned.
  • Meaning: The goddess of war, strategy and wisdom in roman mythology
  • Meaning: Glowing light
  • Meaning: Earth.
  • Meaning: Powerful king.
  • Meaning: Lightning.
  • Meaning: Noble Man
  • Meaning: Brings Victory
  • Meaning: Earth; soil.
  • Bia
    Meaning: Spirit of force, power, might, bodily strength and compulsion.
  • Meaning: Lisp; stutter.
  • Meaning: Holiness
  • Meaning: Supreme heavenly happiness; utter joy or contentment
  • Meaning: Sanskrit for 'awakening'; God protect the King.
  • Meaning: God of the north wind.
  • Meaning: The creator of the whole universe, hindu
  • Meaning: Enlightened
  • Meaning: To have reason, mind or a character.
  • Meaning: Faithful, devotion, whole-hearted, bold, brave
  • Meaning: Human energy center
  • Meaning: Shining moon; a lunar deity in india
  • Meaning: Old french for 'song
  • Meaning: The void before the birth of the universe, titan god, total disorganization and confusion.
  • Meaning: Spiritual gift
  • Meaning: One of the seven virtues
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Meaning: Merciful
  • Meaning: Chinese philosopher
  • Meaning: Order, harmony, beauty.
  • Meaning: Mythological nature goddess worshiped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor.
  • Meaning: Sun.
  • Meaning: Dominant woman.
  • Meaning: Goddess of forces of nature.
  • Meaning: Generosity.
  • Meaning: Observing and understanding.
  • Meaning: Ordained minister.
  • Meaning: A god or goddess
  • Meaning: Little Goddess.
  • Meaning: Sanskrit for 'law
  • Meaning: Judged; vindicated.
  • Meaning: Beautiful in italian
  • Meaning: Religious leader in ancient celtic religion
  • Meaning: Veneration or respect paid to the saints and angels.
  • Meaning: Fertility; spring.
  • Meaning: Paradise
  • Meaning: Combination Of Ella And Dora
  • Meaning: Jehovah is my God.
  • Meaning: The jewish heroine of the old testament book of esther
  • Meaning: Time everlasting
  • Meaning: Strong, safe, solid, firm.
  • Meaning: Belief, confidence
  • Meaning: Flower; the goddess of flowers in Roman mythology
  • Meaning: Lady
  • Meaning: Monk
  • Meaning: Woodsman
  • Meaning: Sanskrit for 'song
  • Meaning: Holy And Good
  • Meaning: Jewel, gemstone.
  • Meaning: Gracious, lovely
  • Meaning: Nomad; free-spirited person; wanderer.
  • Meaning: Bunny
  • Meaning: Divine aura.
  • Meaning: Concord, unity
  • Meaning: Golden.
  • Meaning: Goddess of hearth and home.
  • Meaning: sun vegetables
  • Meaning: Diamond.
  • Meaning: Good
  • Meaning: One of the earliest and most important egyptian gods in egyptian mythology.
  • Meaning: Person From India
  • Meaning: A goddess in egyptian mythology
  • Meaning: Meditative repetition of a mantra
  • Joy
    Meaning: Joy
  • Meaning: The queen of the gods in roman mythology
  • Meaning: As in justice.
  • Meaning: Hebrew for 'a dog; faithful
  • Meaning: Little battler
  • Meaning: Destiny.
  • Meaning: Garden of holly
  • Meaning: The divine embodiment of the moon in greek mythology
  • Meaning: Holy chants
  • Meaning: Dark
  • Meaning: The holiest city for muslims
  • Meaning: Female shaman or priestess
  • Meaning: Something wonderful
  • Meaning: Magical charm or spell
  • Meaning: Liberation; salvation
  • Meaning: Sufi word for meditation literally it is an arabic term which means 'to watch over', ''to take care of', or 'to keep an eye'
  • Meaning: Hindi salutation or greeting
  • Meaning: Halo surrounding a supernatural being
  • Meaning: Place of great bliss
  • Pax
    Meaning: Goddess of peace in roman mythology
  • Paz
    Meaning: Peace
  • Meaning: One who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons
  • Meaning: Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi
  • Meaning: Head of a parish
  • Meaning: Born again or reborn in french
  • Meaning: Born again or reborn in French
  • Meaning: One of a number of spiritual practices or disciplines which lead to perfection, these being contemplation, asceticism, worship of a god and living correctly.
  • Meaning: Person acknowledged as holy or virtuous
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Meaning: Holy
  • Meaning: Great teacher; a supremely wise guide
  • Meaning: Peaceful
  • Meaning: Hebrew for beautiful
  • Meaning: Beautiful, well-shaped
  • Meaning: the effort contributed by a person in bringing about a result
  • Meaning: His Gift
  • Meaning: Kind, auspicious
  • Meaning: Realization of that which is of the highest aspect and purpose in one's life, thus introducing spirituality
  • Meaning: Reference to mount sinai
  • Meaning: Peaceful One
  • Meaning: Soul
  • Meaning: Elf or fairy
  • Meaning: Gift of god
  • Meaning: Belief in the existence of a god or gods
  • Meaning: In christian theology it is the transforming effect of divine grace
  • Meaning: Roof of the world
  • Meaning: Ancient symbol bringing good luck
  • Meaning: Hebrew for 'god is good
  • Meaning: Bearer of a great spiritual message
  • Meaning: Strong.
  • Meaning: Life
  • Meaning: Moral excellence
  • Meaning: One who uses magic
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Meaning: Two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin), and one positive (yang)"
  • Meaning: Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline
  • Meaning: One who performs yoga
  • Meaning: Child of sunlight
  • Meaning: Hebrew for 'highest point

Spiritual Dog Names meaning Spirit

Staying on the spiritual theme, these names mean spirit or are in some way related to the word.

Meaning: Spirit in Japanese.
Meaning: Soul
Meaning: High-spirited
Meaning: spirit of battle
Meaning: spirit; courage
Meaning: beautiful spirit
Meaning: A protective spirit
Meaning: lightning spirit
Meaning: Spirited, plucky
Meaning: An Irish spirit.
Meaning: the soul; strong spirit
Meaning: Dog spirit/soul.

Spiritual Dog Names meaning Blessed

Staying on the spiritual theme, these names mean blessed or are in some way related to the word.

Meaning: Blessed
Meaning: blessing
Meaning: blessed
Meaning: Blessed
Meaning: Blessed
Meaning: Blessed
Meaning: "God's blessing" (or "Divine blessing")
Meaning: Blessed Ring
Meaning: Blessed Ring
Meaning: Fair, blessed
Meaning: blessing; benediction
Meaning: blessed one

Yoga Dog Names

Yoga brings us inner peace, exercise and healing of the mind. Give your dog a sense of zen by choosing one of these beautiful and spiritual yoga-inspired dog names.

Meaning: Sanskrit for 'sky
Meaning: Energetic
Meaning: Holy chants
Meaning: Peace
Meaning: Flow of energy.
Meaning: goddess
Meaning: Meditative repetition of a mantra
Meaning: a small cake leavened with yeast
Meaning: Breath as a life-giving force (yoga)
Meaning: the female or generative principle; wife of Siva and a benevolent form of Devi
Meaning: The Hindu elephant dog, remover of obstacles
Meaning: The sound of the universe and symbol of ultimate reality

Sanskrit Dog Names

Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism. These gorgeous Sanskrit dog names will be a hit with the spiritually awoken dog owners among us.

Meaning: Success
Meaning: Star
Meaning: Rising sun.
Meaning: Generosity.
Meaning: Seven
Meaning: Graceful
Meaning: Shining moon; a lunar deity in india
Meaning: Earth.
Meaning: Sky
Meaning: Earth; soil.
Meaning: Diamond.
Meaning: First ray of the sun

Biblical Dog Names

Show your Christian faith by choosing a biblical name for your dog. These biblical dog names are truly divine!

Meaning: Daphnis and chloe, is an ancient greek novel
Meaning: Joy Of The Father
Meaning: Messenger of god
Meaning: Hebrew for 'blessed, fortunate'
Meaning: His Gift
Meaning: Red
Meaning: Gracious, lovely
Meaning: Olive Or From The Olive Tree
Meaning: A titan goddess with the gift of prophecy in greek mythology
Meaning: Life
Meaning: Rest, Peace
Meaning: Strong.

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editor's choice

Our guide to the best spiritual dog names

Spiritualism is on the rise. More and more young people are looking within themselves to become more self-aware, or “awoken”. And because the principles and symbols of spiritualism are so closely tied to nature, it’s easy to see how spiritual references would make great dog names.

Giving your dog a spiritual name creates a level of significance that goes beyond its appearance or its connection to you as its owner. Spiritual dog names set your pup up for life, as opposed to a cutesy name that both you and your dog could eventually outgrow.

For male dogs, we love the simplicity and tribal feel of Chant. If you like that, you might also like Mantra, which is two-syllable and clearer in sound, but also refers to tribal singing.

Another option we really like for male dogs is Cosmo, which is a popular choice for good reason. The name refers to the universe as a whole, focusing on order, harmony and beauty.

For female dogs, our favorite is Yana. This is a beautiful two-syllable option that fits all of the criteria for a good dog name. It refers to a Buddhist spiritual practice, or a “way of enlightenment”.

Other great choices for girls are Shaina, which is Hebrew for beautiful, or the similar-sounding and slightly more common Shiva.

Spiritual Dog Names: Stats


As of March 2023, spiritual dog names seem increasingly popular with new puppy owners. Our stats show that they are more fashionable than they were six months ago.

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Marie (Quebec, Canada)
Beautiful names! I am strongly considering calling my puppy Yana or maybe Luna! They are both so pretty!
December 28, 2021
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Alana (Denver)
This is a very good list thank you! I am getting my German shepherd puppy next week and I am so excited
November 14, 2021

Let us know what you think of these spiritual dog names!