About PupNames.com

Colin Strachan

PupNames.com was built at the end of 2020 by digital hobbyist Colin Strachan.

Colin had just adopted a golden retriever puppy named Skye, but had found it difficult to find good dog names online. It seemed that the results delivered by Google were either shallow, poorly-researched blog articles, or just sterile databases containing every name in the world.

PupNames.com was designed with the new puppy owner in mind. The idea was to create an experience that's fun and useful to new adopters. Although the PupNames database includes thousands of names in different styles, the site has a 'curated' feel and a user experience that's designed to lead you to the perfect name.

Colin welcomes feedback so that he can create the world's most comprehensive dog name service. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact him.