Independent Dog Names

Planning to raise a free-thinking, independent doggy? Here are the best names for independent dogs.

Independent Dog Names

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All Independent Dog Names

  • Meaning: Father of a multitude or many nations
  • Meaning: Refers to the famous scientist, albert einstein
  • Meaning: Old
  • Meaning: Defending men
  • Meaning: Noble kind
  • Meaning: Soul
  • Meaning: Tall
  • Meaning: Of the angels
  • Meaning: Messenger
  • Meaning: Variant Of Anne. Biblical: Devout Woman Who Saw Infant Jesus Presented At The Temple In Jerusalem.
  • Meaning: Grace
  • Meaning: An oath
  • Meaning: Storm
  • Meaning: Independent
  • Meaning: My god is a vow
  • Meaning: To tie
  • Bel
    Meaning: Fair: Lovely One.
  • Meaning: Unisexual name meaning ''beauty.''
  • Meaning: Beautiful; short for Isabella.
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Meaning: Famous raven
  • Meaning: Diminutive Of Elizabeth.
  • Meaning: Diminutive of elizabeth.
  • Meaning: From shaun of the dead.
  • Meaning: Will, desire and helmet protection
  • Meaning: Resolute protector
  • Meaning: Of the Sabine tribe
  • Meaning: Noble, strong, virtuous
  • Cai
    Meaning: Female
  • Meaning: Abbreviation Of Carol And Caroline From The Masculine Charles Meaning Manly
  • Meaning: She who entangles men
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Meaning: Free man
  • Meaning: He will enlarge
  • Chi
    Meaning: Younger generation
  • Meaning: Bearer of christ
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Meaning: Light
  • Meaning: Of a well known father
  • Meaning: Glory + father
  • Meaning: Steadfast
  • Meaning: Short
  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Meaning: A bee
  • Dee
    Meaning: Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With The Letter D.
  • Del
    Meaning: Pretty
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Meaning: Oak Grove. Surname.
  • Don
    Meaning: World rule
  • Meaning: Gift
  • Meaning: Man warrior
  • Meaning: My God Is Jehovah. Variant Of Hebrew Elijah.
  • Meaning: My god is a vow
  • Meaning: Torch
  • Meaning: Rival
  • Meaning: Whole, universal
  • Meaning: Earnest, serious
  • Meaning: Brave; strong as a wild boar
  • Meaning: Free
  • Meaning: Flower Of Mary
  • Meaning: From France
  • Meaning: From france
  • Meaning: Free
  • Meaning: Freedom, liberty
  • Meaning: Father in rejoicing
  • Meaning: Father in rejoicing
  • Meaning: Refers to the grumpy cat
  • Meaning: Father in rejoicing
  • Meaning: Well born
  • Meaning: Spear ruler
  • Meaning: Abbreviation Of Names Ending In -Gina.
  • Meaning: Glory
  • Meaning: Good will
  • Meaning: Watcher
  • Meaning: Watcher
  • Meaning: War
  • Gus
    Meaning: Worthy of respect; diminutive of Augustus.
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Meaning: Home ruler
  • Meaning: Star
  • Ina
    Meaning: Unisexual Name Meaning ''Illuminate; Light Up.''
  • Meaning: Nocturnal journey
  • Meaning: Short for Isabelle.
  • Meaning: Gift of God's grace.
  • Meaning: Jay and Leen
  • Jay
    Meaning: Jay bird
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Meaning: Spear ruler
  • Jo
    Meaning: He will enlarge
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Joe
    Meaning: He will enlarge
  • Meaning: Little battler
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Meaning: Chief of poets
  • Meaning: Independent And Energetic
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Meaning: Man from Laurentum
  • Meaning: The bright one
  • Meaning: Defending men
  • Meaning: Freedom
  • Meaning: Lake settlement, lake colony
  • Meaning: Lyre
  • Mac
    Meaning: Son
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Meaning: Mystical powers in mythology.
  • Meaning: From the god Mars
  • Meaning: Little Marcus
  • Meaning: Explorer marco polo
  • Meaning: Rebellious.
  • Meaning: Bright as the sea
  • Meaning: Will, desire
  • Meaning: Something wonderful
  • Meaning: Morose
  • Meaning: Referencing sleuth nancy drew
  • Meaning: Abbreviation Of Eleanor Shining Light.
  • Meaning: Light
  • Ove
    Meaning: Mythical Daughter Of Dearg
  • Meaning: Robber Of The Sea
  • Meaning: A philosopher in greek mythology.
  • Meaning: Ancient
  • Meaning: Female ruler
  • Meaning: Shield rim
  • Meaning: Gamekeeper; a rover or wanderer
  • Meaning: Renown island
  • Meaning: Sea dew
  • Meaning: Red
  • Meaning: Sacred lore
  • Meaning: Defender of mankind
  • Meaning: Defending men
  • Meaning: Burning one
  • Meaning: Soul
  • Meaning: Spirited, plucky
  • Meaning: Crown
  • Meaning: Crown
  • Meaning: Lily
  • Meaning: Strong, brave, courageous.
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Meaning: Derived From Victoria Triumphant.
  • Meaning: Conqueror
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Ulf
    Meaning: Protector of the inheritance
  • Meaning: Goddess of triumph in roman mythology

Independent Dog Names meaning Free

Staying on the independent theme, these names mean free or are in some way related to the word.

Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free
Meaning: Free

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editor's choice

Our guide to the best independent dog names

If you’re looking for a dog name that expresses independence, it’s probably because you see your dog as a free-thinker. Some people want lap dogs, but you’re just happy for your pup to explore the world, however it may choose to do so.

These strong, independent dog names will serve your dog well long after puppyhood. To make it a bit easier for you to decide, here are our picks.

For male dogs, we think Ranger is a powerful, authoritative name that represents a dog who was born to find his own way. If you want an edgier pick with a cultural flair, you could opt for Marco, after the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo, who travelled along Asia’s silk road in the 13th century.

For something a little more on the spiritual side, we also love the idea of naming a boy Spirit.

For female dogs, you could go really direct and name her Liberty. This word means freedom, and it gives you the opportunity to call your girl Libby as a cute nickname. Tori is also an adorable name for a dog. Short for Victoria, it shares the same powerful meaning – the goddess of victory.

Alma, meaning ‘soul’ in Spanish, is another sweet name for an independent girl dog.

Independent Dog Names: Stats


As of October 2023, independent dog names are trending down with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were six months ago.

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