Funny Dog Names

Naming your dog something hilarious is bound to stick in people's minds. For those who don't like to take life too seriously, here are some funny dog names for you to choose from.

Funny Dog Names

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  • Evokes images of serious Scottish cattle, humorously applied to pooches.
  • Goddess of love moniker for a drooling, tail-wagging furball? Hilarious!
  • Humor arises from its association with the comic strip character.
  • Humor arises from naming a cuddly pet after a fierce Hun leader.
  • Humor arises from naming a canine after a beloved breakfast food.
  • This name references a jovial, carefree bear from Jungle Book.
  • Plays on words, combining "bark" with basketball legend Charles.
  • Purple dinosaur association brings humor to this canine moniker.
  • Humor arises from its association with small, edible legumes.
  • Irony strikes as this colossal wildlife moniker graces a petite pooch.
  • Humor arises from its association with classic sitcom characters.
  • Naming a pup after a beloved breakfast treat sparks amusement.
  • Evokes humor with its playful, diminutive connotation and nursery rhyme reference.
  • Plays on famous spy's name, adding playful twist to canine identity.
  • This moniker humorously references a common, slightly gross childhood fascination.
  • Humor arises from humanizing canines with typical guy monikers.
  • Irony strikes as this tough-guy moniker often graces petite, harmless pups.
  • Opera diva meets canine charm, a comedic clash of highbrow and hound!
  • Irony strikes as this fierce Roman ruler moniker graces a cuddly pooch.
  • Evokes Southern charm, often associated with humorous, lovable, larger-than-life characters.
  • Bug
    Humor arises from its incongruity with typical canine monikers.
  • Humor arises from its association with small, cute, and insignificant objects.
  • Plays on computer terminology, suggesting a dog with tech-savvy charm.
  • Mexican fast-food item turned canine moniker sparks laughter and surprise.
  • Plays on canine's notorious love for gnawing everything in sight.
  • A playful nod to Star Wars' lovable Wookiee, suggesting chewy habits.
  • Evokes humor through its reference to hefty, lovable Goonies character.
  • Evokes humor with its hillbilly stereotype and Simpsons character association.
  • Red, oversized canine from children's literature sparks humor and nostalgia.
  • Humor arises from its unexpectedness as a traditional human moniker.
  • Humor arises from its sweet treat origin, often associated with indulgence.
  • Sweet treat monikers for pups tickle our humor buds deliciously!
  • This dessert-inspired moniker adds a sweet, humorous twist to canine naming.
  • Implies a canine with a sassy, high-maintenance personality, evoking laughter.
  • Mashes up canine charm with Godzilla's monstrous persona for comedic effect.
  • Associations with old-fashioned human names evoke humor in pet naming.
  • Plays on bulldozer, suggesting a clumsy, yet endearing, canine demeanor.
  • Royalty title for a canine sparks humor and irony.
  • Humor arises from naming a canine after a genius physicist.
  • Humor arises from its association with Sesame Street's lovable goofball.
  • Contrasts a menacing vampire term with a lovable canine's innocent nature.
  • Scottish origin, yet whimsically unexpected for a canine companion.
  • Evokes humor with its French poodle stereotype and high-pitched pronunciation.
  • Flo
    Plays on "flow", evoking images of a dog's playful movement.
  • Plays on sly fox traits, evoking humor and clever canine antics.
  • Plays on renowned psychoanalyst's name, suggesting a pup analyzing dreams.
  • This moniker humorously references a popular corn chip snack brand.
  • Evokes laughter, reminiscent of jovial clowns and tickle-induced chuckles.
  • Humor arises from a tiny pooch bearing a fierce Roman warrior's title.
  • Humor arises from naming a pooch after a colossal, city-crushing monster.
  • Spanish for "fat," this moniker humorously suits a plump pooch.
  • Named after a comedic legend, it promises laughter and mischief.
  • Irony arises from a tiny pup bearing a mighty Greek demigod's moniker.
  • Simpsons' patriarch's moniker, known for comedic blunders, suits a goofy pooch.
  • Humor arises from its playful nod to a popular American snack.
  • Plays on famed escape artist's reputation, implying a mischievous, elusive pooch.
  • Irony strikes when a tiny pooch bears a massive superhero's moniker!
  • Harkens to Star Wars' corpulent Hutt, evoking chuckles with canine contrast.
  • Humor arises from its association with a small, sweet, colorful candy.
  • Evokes a hillbilly character from 60s sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies".
  • This moniker humorously contrasts a typically large object with small pets.
  • Irony strikes as this fierce moniker often belongs to cuddly canines.
  • Royalty title for a canine sparks humor through unexpected grandeur.
  • References a quirky Seinfeld character, adding humor to canine identity.
  • Merges aristocratic human title with classic canine moniker, creating humorous juxtaposition.
  • Incongruity between a canine and an insect creates humor.
  • Humor arises from human names given to canine companions.
  • Playful twist on actress Lucy Liu's name adds humor and charm.
  • A playful nod to tropical cocktails, suggesting a party-loving pooch!
  • Plays on sweet treat's softness, evoking amusing, unexpected canine contrast.
  • Humor arises from its association with a popular, spherical food item.
  • She's a Dickens character, not typically associated with canine companions!
  • Typically a cat moniker, this canine label sparks unexpected, humorous confusion.
  • Humor arises from the incongruity of a large, wild animal moniker.
  • Irony strikes as a canine carries the moniker of a rodent!
  • Humor arises from its formal title paired with a whimsical moniker.
  • Evokes whimsical imagery of tiny, adorable creatures from Wizard of Oz.
  • Plays on popular snack, evokes humorous imagery of canine cheese fiesta.
  • Plays on historical figure's stature, referencing a small, ambitious canine.
  • Loch Ness Monster reference adds humor to canine monikers.
  • Stealthy warriors aren't typically associated with playful, tail-wagging pets!
  • Uncommon for pets, it's a traditional Slavic human name, sparking humor.
  • Resembles a popular cookie, sparking laughter and joy in its whimsical comparison.
  • Humor arises from its association with a small, edible legume.
  • Plays on size irony and references a quirky pop culture character.
  • Humor arises from its association with a tangy, jarred cucumber.
  • Pie
    Humor arises from its unexpected association with a sweet dessert.
  • Pip
    Plays on expectations, evoking tiny Dickensian orphans, not canines.
  • References a tiny digital point, humorously applied to a pooch.
  • Humor arises from its whimsical nod to a popular meat dish.
  • Evokes humor through its association with high-class, fancy lifestyles.
  • Royalty title for a canine sparks humor through unexpected juxtaposition.
  • Shakespeare's mischievous sprite lends humor to this canine moniker.
  • Evokes dessert humor, referencing a sweet, wobbly treat with canine antics.
  • A playful nod to the quirky Addams Family character, evoking laughter.
  • Royalty title playfully bestowed on a common canine is humorously ironic.
  • Naming a canine after a completely different species creates humorous irony.
  • Contrasts a tough action hero persona with a lovable canine nature.
  • Rex
    Ironically, this moniker mocks a canine's regal, dinosaur-like stature.
  • Sly Stallone's boxing champ isn't typically associated with canine antics!
  • Evokes humor with its old-fashioned charm and Bill & Ted reference.
  • Evokes images of playful, zippy rides on two-wheeled contraptions!
  • Queen of Sheba reference adds a humorous, regal twist.
  • Plays off popular Big Bang Theory character's quirky, humorous personality.
  • Playful pun on noble title and beef cut tickles the humor bone.
  • Candy-inspired moniker evokes humor and sweetness, perfect for a playful pup.
  • Potato association makes it amusing and unexpected for a canine moniker.
  • Evokes playful water fights and tiny, energetic puppies.
  • This moniker humorously references a hefty Japanese wrestling sport.
  • Mexican dish moniker for a canine sparks unexpected, humorous imagery.
  • Irony strikes as a petite pooch bears a moniker synonymous with heavy artillery.
  • Merges tough "tanker" with delicate "Tinkerbell", creating humorous contrast.
  • Plays on the humorous association between dogs and potatoes.
  • Humor arises from naming a pooch after a Norse god of thunder.
  • Irony strikes as this moniker often belongs to colossal canines!
  • Evokes humor through association with sweet, comical Tootsie Roll candies.
  • Evokes a popular, whimsical snack cake, suggesting a playful, sweet pooch.
  • Humor arises from its playful nod to a dog's tail action.
  • Evokes whimsical hide-and-seek character from popular children's books.
  • Human monikers for pets often elicit chuckles due to unexpected formality.
  • Humor arises from naming a small pet after a massive cryptid.
  • Star Wars fans chuckle, picturing their pup with Jedi Master traits.
  • Humor arises from naming a pooch after a powerful Greek god.

Quirky Dog Names

One of the most fun aspects of naming a dog is picking out something unique and peculiar. These quirky dog names will help you and your new puppy to stand out.

Meaning: Strange brew, distilled liquor made by the Hutsnuwu Indians
Meaning: Elegant
Meaning: black drink crier
Meaning: greatness
Meaning: sunny day
Meaning: very loving
Meaning: my price
Meaning: life
Meaning: Dalai Lama's name
Meaning: acquires strength
Meaning: to counsel together
Meaning: great value

Cheeky Dog Names

Naming a dog is an opportunity to have fun, and these cheeky dog names are a great way to do it. They're guaranteed to get a smile from everyone your pup meets.

Meaning: Strange brew, distilled liquor made by the Hutsnuwu Indians
Meaning: High, Noble
Meaning: Elegant
Meaning: 11th President of the United States; his expansionism led to the Mexican War and the annexation of California and much of the southwest (1795-1849)
Meaning: A Japanese word that means 'pure rice.' This is a type of sake that's popular in Japan.
Meaning: An outspoken female comedian known for her sassy personality.
Meaning: melon
Meaning: This is a type of Irish alcohol made from potatoes. If you have a dog from one of Ireland's breeds, this could be a cute name for him or her!
Meaning: A British drink made from a half measure of whiskey and soda water.
Meaning: A sweet drink that's sometimes used as medicine.
Meaning: cheese
Meaning: Another dark beer

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How popular are Funny Dog Names?

Funny Dog Names currently rank in 23rd place out of all categories.

As of May 2024, funny dog names are trending down with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a lot of variation for this category, which suggests its popularity could be seasonal or based on cultural events.

Which are the cutest and most unique Funny Dog Names?

These funny dog names range from cute to badass, and from traditional to unique. Click each circle to see the name.

Fifi is among the cutest of these. If you prefer tougher, edgier dog names, the one considered the most badass is Zeus.

Gladiator scored high for its uniqueness, which would help your dog to stand out. But if you prefer more common, old-fashioned names, the more traditional option here is Rex.

How does interest compare across the United States for Funny Dog Names?

The map below compares each state by the number of people browsing Funny Dog Names.

The states that love funny dog names the most are Oklahoma, Iowa and Arkansas.

The least amount of interest in this category was registered in Virginia, North Dakota and Wyoming.

Which countries have the most love for Funny Dog Names?

Here's a world map showing the popularity in each country of funny dog names.

Who'd have thought?! Some of the countries you might not have thought about that LOVE funny dog names are Syria, Tunisia and Kuwait.

On the flip, PupNames data shows there's not much interest in Paraguay, Denmark and Namibia.

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My Goldie is so cute, we love her and her name!
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My puppy is very cute and funny!
December 08, 2021

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