White Dog Names

From ice and snow to the paranormal, these white dog names are perfect for bright, white doggies.

White Dog Names

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  • Snowy landscapes and icy chill of this state mirror their fur.
  • Alba means dawn in Latin, perfect for a snowy pooch!
  • Snowy landscapes and frosty chill of the North Pole inspire it.
  • Snowy rush from a mountain peak, just like a playful pup!
  • Baltas means snowy or frosty in Lithuanian, perfect for fluffy pups!
  • Bán means snowy in Irish, perfect for fluffy pups!
  • Bela means bright and pure, perfect for a snowy pooch!
  • Belugas are bright, snowy sea creatures, just like fluffy, playful pups!
  • Bianca means snowflake in Italian, perfect for a fluffy pup!
  • Bianco means snowy and bright in Italian, perfect for fluffy pups!
  • Blanch means to turn pale, perfect for snowy fur pals!
  • Blanche means pure and bright, just like fluffy snowflakes!
  • Blanco translates to snowy or frosty in Spanish, perfect for pooches!
  • Snowstorms are fierce, fluffy, and pure, just like these pups!
  • Blondie matches their light, sunny fur and cheerful personality!
  • Bo
    Bo means "bright" in Danish, perfect for a light-colored pup!
  • Brie cheese's creamy hue matches their fluffy, snowy coats perfectly!
  • Buddy evokes friendliness, matching a fluffy, cheerful, snow-like pooch perfectly!
  • Casper, the friendly ghost, shares the same snowy hue as them.
  • Bubbly personality, creamy coat, and sparkling eyes match the fizzy drink.
  • This wine-inspired moniker reflects their creamy, golden-hued coats perfectly!
  • Soft, fluffy, and pure like a roll of fresh bathroom tissue.
  • Coconuts are fluffy, sweet, and bring tropical joy, just like these pups!
  • Soft, fluffy, and pure, just like a cloud of freshly picked cotton!
  • They resemble fluffy, light, snack-time treats!
  • Doves symbolize peace, purity, and gentleness, just like fluffy pups!
  • The name mirrors the snowy peak of the world's tallest mountain.
  • Flour mirrors their snowy fur and baking-inspired cuddliness.
  • Soft, cuddly fur that resembles a cloud or cotton candy.
  • Snowy color and cool demeanor match a winter's frosty morning.
  • They're pale, spooky, and can sneak up silently like a phantom!
  • Glaciers are big, icy, and bright, just like these fluffy pups!
  • Ice
    Ice matches their frosty fur and cool, playful personality!
  • Icebergs are big, bright, and chilly, just like fluffy pooches!
  • Igloos are snowy homes, just like fluffy pups are cuddly companions!
  • Ivory mirrors the creamy, pure hue of a pup's fur.
  • Soft, fluffy, and sweet just like the sugary treat!
  • Creamy fur matches the smooth, dreamy color of a glass of milk.
  • Nimbus clouds are fluffy and bright, just like your cuddly pooch!
  • Nova means new star, shining bright like a fresh snowfall.
  • Polar brings to mind snowy landscapes and fluffy polar bears!
  • Pops of fluffy brightness, just like your favorite movie snack!
  • Resembles the fluffy, clean end of a cotton swab.
  • He's jolly, fluffy, and brings joy just like Christmas snow!
  • Swans are elegant, graceful birds often associated with purity.
  • Vanilla ice cream's creamy hue matches their fluffy, snowy coats perfectly!
  • Vit
    Vit means snowy brightness in Czech, perfect for fluffy pups!
  • Weiss means snowy and bright in German, perfect for fluffy pups!
  • Snowy season's color matches their fur, like a fluffy snowstorm!
  • Wolves are snowy forest roamers, just like these fluffy, playful pups!
  • Creamy and smooth, just like the tasty dairy treat!

White Dog Names meaning Pure

Staying on the white theme, these names mean pure or are in some way related to the word.

Meaning: Pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: Pure
Meaning: Pure

White Dog Names meaning Snow

Staying on the white theme, these names mean snow or are in some way related to the word.

Meaning: Snow
Meaning: a crystal of snow
Meaning: Snow, Snowy
Meaning: Happiness / snow
Meaning: Frozen Rain, Light-haired.
Meaning: Big cat in snow.
Meaning: of the white color of snow
Meaning: child of snow / child of happiness
Meaning: "Loyal, brave, protector."
Meaning: a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow
Meaning: gather into a huge mass and roll down a mountain, of snow
Meaning: an Eskimo hut; usually built of blocks (of sod or snow) in the shape of a dome

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How popular are White Dog Names?

White Dog Names currently rank in 17th place out of all PupNames.com categories.

As of February 2024, white dog names seem increasingly popular with new puppy owners. Our stats show that they are more fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a lot of variation for this category, which suggests its popularity could be seasonal or based on cultural events.

Which are the cutest and most unique White Dog Names?

These white dog names range from cute to badass, and from traditional to unique. Click each circle to see the name.

Fluffy is among the cutest of these. If you prefer tougher, edgier dog names, the one considered the most badass is Nova.

Vit scored high for its uniqueness, which would help your dog to stand out. But if you prefer more common, old-fashioned names, the more traditional option here is Buddy.

How does interest compare across the United States for White Dog Names?

The map below compares each state by the number of people browsing White Dog Names.

The states that love white dog names the most are Nebraska, Alabama and Louisiana.

The least amount of interest in this category was registered in Arkansas, South Dakota and Oklahoma.

Which countries have the most love for White Dog Names?

Here's a world map showing the popularity in each country of white dog names.

Who'd have thought?! Some of the countries you might not have thought about that LOVE white dog names are Liberia, Bhutan and Indonesia.

On the flip, PupNames data shows there's not much interest in Italy, Isle of Man and Austria.

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Rita (Maryland, United States)
i think marshmellow is a good name fore a white dog!
July 24, 2023

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