Lazy Dog Names

Is your dog a real lazy bones? If they're happier on the couch than out for walkies, you might wanna consider this delightful list of lazy dog names.

Lazy Dog Names

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All Lazy Dog Names

  • Meaning: Delicate.
  • Meaning: Brand of recliners and sofa.
  • Meaning: Put at rest.
  • Meaning: Man-like, or brave
  • Meaning: Always sleepy and snoring.
  • Meaning: Talking horse in Greek mythology.
  • Meaning: Inspired by BarcaLounger.
  • Meaning: A crustacean.
  • Meaning: Short for barnacle.
  • Meaning: Scrivener from Herman Melville.
  • Meaning: Lazy cartoon character.
  • Meaning: Inspired by Berkline.
  • Meaning: Lazy girl.
  • Meaning: From shaun of the dead.
  • Meaning: Always taking a break.
  • Meaning: Relaxed.
  • Meaning: Popular sofa and couch brand.
  • Meaning: Nickname for a boy in the south of the US; a slow moving individual.
  • Meaning: Nickname for Bubba.
  • Bum
    Meaning: Loves to bum around.
  • Meaning: Big and lazy.
  • Meaning: Too relaxed.
  • Meaning: Loves to chill.
  • Meaning: Favorite spot.
  • Meaning: Lounges on the couch.
  • Meaning: Always on the couch.
  • Meaning: Day's eye. The petals of a daisy open during the day, revealing its yellow centers, and then close at night.
  • Meaning: Dilly dally.
  • Meaning: Slow and time waster.
  • Meaning: Other half of Dilly Dally.
  • Meaning: Inactive.
  • Meaning: Snoozing.
  • Meaning: Always sleepy.
  • Meaning: Lazy cartoon character.
  • Meaning: Sleepy.
  • Meaning: Diminutive of Dustin, meaning brave warrior.
  • Meaning: Easy going.
  • Ed
    Meaning: From Shaun of the Dead.
  • Meaning: Slow-moving donkey.
  • Meaning: Wasting time.
  • Meaning: Favorite hobby.
  • Meaning: Refers to the grumpy cat
  • Meaning: Farmer, worker of the Earth
  • Meaning: To hang loose.
  • Ham
    Meaning: Short for a hammock.
  • Meaning: Loves to sleep.
  • Meaning: White-lipped snail.
  • Meaning: Slow down.
  • Meaning: Rest day.
  • Meaning: Inspired by homer simpson.
  • Meaning: God of sleep.
  • Meaning: Inactivity.
  • Meaning: Unskillfulness, ignorance; inactivity, idleness
  • Meaning: Ruler
  • Meaning: Popular slow-moving animal.
  • Meaning: An interval, gap, or pause.
  • Meaning: Popular recliner brand.
  • Lax
    Meaning: Relaxed.
  • Meaning: Black slug.
  • Meaning: Loves to linger.
  • Meaning: Lazy individual.
  • Meaning: To lay sprawled about.
  • Meaning: To hang loose.
  • Meaning: To hang loose.
  • Meaning: From homer's the oddysey
  • Meaning: Lazy manner.
  • Meaning: Does nothing but lounge.
  • Meaning: Interval of inactivity.
  • Meaning: Lazy and fluffy.
  • Meaning: Slow pace walking.
  • Meaning: Laidback and mellow.
  • Meaning: Mild temperament.
  • Meaning: Thick syrup.
  • Meaning: Wander slowly.
  • Meaning: Always taking a nap.
  • Meaning: Always taking a nap.
  • Nod
    Meaning: Always nodding off.
  • Meaning: Stays limp and inactive.
  • Meaning: A sloth.
  • Meaning: To waste time on trivial things.
  • Meaning: Slow.
  • Meaning: Slow.
  • Meaning: A break.
  • Meaning: Unmoving like a rock.
  • Meaning: Always slow-moving.
  • Meaning: From Gintama.
  • Meaning: Does not walk.
  • Meaning: Afternoon nap.
  • Meaning: Laidback and calm.
  • Meaning: From Naruto.
  • Meaning: Doesn't walk or move.
  • Meaning: Always sleeping.
  • Meaning: Does not get over-excited.
  • Meaning: Always slacking off.
  • Meaning: Always sleepy.
  • Meaning: The most famous slow-moving animal.
  • Meaning: Lazy.
  • Meaning: Slow motion.
  • Meaning: Slug like.
  • Meaning: Sleep loving.
  • Meaning: Asleep all day.
  • Meaning: A lazy Pokemon character.
  • Meaning: Lounging all day.
  • Meaning: From Spongebob.
  • Meaning: Always stretching.
  • Meaning: Hates running.
  • Ted
    Meaning: From Shaun of the Dead.
  • Meaning: Has a leisurely manner.
  • Meaning: Vacation.
  • Meaning: Laziest puppy.
  • Meaning: Rest day.
  • Meaning: From Popeye.
  • Meaning: Always sleeping.
  • Meaning: Loves to eat.

Dopey Dog Names

Not all dogs are made for agility training and solving puzzles. Some just want to sniff poop and roll around in their own filth. These dopey dog names are great for less intelligent breeds.

Meaning: Courtyard within castle walls; steward or public official.
Meaning: Order, harmony, beauty.
Meaning: Species Of Tree In The Acer Genus
Meaning: Alcohol
Meaning: Ruler
Meaning: small cake baked in a muffin tin
Meaning: Black tea flavored with spices and herbs
Meaning: Bear from the jungle book
Meaning: Short for barnacle.
Meaning: Abundance
Meaning: Army Ruler
Meaning: Creamy cheese

Fat Dog Names

Having a large breed is one thing, but having an outright fatso as a dog is something that needs recognizing. Look through these hilarious fat dog names for your chubby mutt!

Meaning: Short for barnacle.
Meaning: Firebrand; son of Denis.
Meaning: Cute nickname for child.
Meaning: A 16-year-old demigod in Greek mythology.
Meaning: ground meat formed into a ball and fried or simmered in broth
Meaning: English scientist and Franciscan monk who stressed the importance of experimentation; first showed that air is required for combustion and first used lenses to correct vision (1220-1292)
Meaning: The king of the gods in roman mythology.
Meaning: Italian pastry tube.
Meaning: Pet form of margaret, meaning pearl
Meaning: Bright
Meaning: A fictional characterr.
Meaning: Fictional villain from Nintendo's Mario franchise.

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editor's choice

Our guide to the best lazy dog names

Some people get a dog and are surprised and exhausted by its relentless energy. Others get one and can’t seem to convince their dog to leave the couch. There’s no doubt some dogs are just plain lazy, and it seems more common with breeds like English Bulldogs, Pugs and King Charles Spaniels.

If you’ve adopted a dog that shakes its head at the idea of a morning walk, that’s probably why you’ve landed on this list of lazy dog names. Even if your dog isn’t lazy, or if it’s too soon to figure that out, lazy dog names can be hilarious choices for fat, round dogs. Here are some of the names we love the most.

For male dogs, we can’t help but laugh at the name Slacker. It has an old-fashioned sound to it, even though we’ve rarely heard this name given to a dog, and it really sums up your pup’s opposition to doing anything physically active.

Laziness also invokes the image of the famous animated dog, Droopy. If you have a Bassett Hound, this is an obvious choice, but even for other breeds it really gives that drowsy, lazy vibe. We also love Couch as an under-the-radar option. While this name might seem too obvious, or too abstract, it pays homage to your pup’s favourite place and seems to be a hilariously ironic spin on the name Coach.

For female dogs, Pokey is a great choice for a lazy pup. At two syllables and ending in a vowel, it’s extremely suitable for dogs to recognize, and carries the meaning “annoyingly slow”. What could be more fitting than that for a couch potato?!

We also love Siesta, which perfectly encapsulates the afternoon nap, and brings an exotic touch if you’re not a native Spanish speaker. And for an unconventional choice, you could name your lazy girl Betty. We’ve got nothing against the name, but it’s just a reference to the Lazy Betty restaurant and the movie The Big Betty.

Lazy Dog Names: Stats


As of September 2023, lazy dog names are trending down with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were six months ago.

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