Pug Names

Pugs often are described as a lot of dog in a small space. These sturdy, compact dogs are a part of the American Kennel Club’s Toy group, and are known as the clowns of the canine world because they have a great sense of humor and like to show off. Originally bred to be a lap dog, the Pug thrives on human companionship.

Pug Names

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All Pug Names

Great, magnificent
Death, destruction and run.
A superhero protector of Gotham City in DC Comics.
partial or total loss of memory
An overwhelming all out attack.
Flower, Bloom
Bubbly, effervescent, lively and enthusiastic."
Companion, partner; perhaps a version of the word "brother".
Tough guy; a man of great strength.
an Italian adventurer who wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters (1725-1798)
Wool From The Kashmir Goat
As in coco
Happy and upbeat, also the name of the braves monosyllabic former baseman, chipper jones.
Daphnis and chloe, is an ancient greek novel
Citrus fruit
nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus
Polish astronomer who produced a workable model of the solar system with the sun in the center (1473-1543)
toiletry consisting of any of various substances in the form of a thick liquid that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin
Ancient roman god of love.
Day's eye. The petals of a daisy open during the day, revealing its yellow centers, and then close at night.
Little Or No Light
From The Passage Of The Danes
Like the dice you roll
Cute Child
Leader, commander, governor of a province
Diminutive Form Of Euphemia
To react to something with excitement or astonishment."
a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin
an imaginary being similar to a person but smaller and with hairy feet; invented by J.R.R. Tolkien
Sweet As Honey
To move or travel rapidly, especially if jet-propelled.
Flowing River
From Cuppel's People
the name of a star
a woman of refinement
Small, little
small biscuit/cookie
egg yolks and oil and vinegar
(Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree
frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream
Faithful guard
Of The Sea Or Bitter
Mary, Mother Of God (Bitter)
Of The Sea Or Bitter
a pensive lyrical piece of music (especially for the piano)
informal terms for a human head
large American feline resembling a lion
leave as a guarantee in return for money
The pepper pad a handheld game console.
Full of drive and fast on the pickup.
a mark on a die or on a playing card (shape depending on the suit)
any of numerous superior eating apples with yellow or greenish yellow skin flushed with red
shrub or small tree native to southwestern Asia having large red many-seeded fruit
Royal Son
A daughter of a monarch.
Fun and sassy.
Person From Quincy, France
Red Haired
Inspired by rocky balboa.
To frolic or behave in a free, jovial way.
Always slow-moving.
Diminutive Form Of Sarah
old Scottish breed of small long-haired usually black terrier with erect tail and ears
Shade From Sun
disparaging terms for small people
To move in a light springy manner. to escape secretly in haste.
From the valley
characterized by speed; moving with or capable of moving with high speed
a job in an organization
Spirited, plucky
having an unpleasant smell
To deliver a violent attack or assault. barrage.
Sweet Crystal Spice
a person loved by another person
as much as a teacup will hold
Gift of god
small mackerel found nearly worldwide
very small
God Is Good
A fictional sleuth, made famous in books
a sudden abrupt pull
any of numerous perennial bulbous herbs having linear or broadly lanceolate leaves and usually a single showy flower
Tile Maker
a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
move from side to side
Wagon Maker
move to and fro
Whales - blessed reconciliation
A play on Zip-a-Dee- Doo-Dah, Oscar winning song from Disney's Song of the South.

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Characteristics of Pugs

apartment living

Can Pugs be apartment dogs?

Pugs make fantastic apartment dogs. They don't need much space or physical activity, so they're perfectly happy in a city condo or smaller apartment.
first-time owners

Are Pugs good for first time owners?

Pugs make wonderful first dogs. Their requirements are not complex, and they are naturally reasonable and agreeable towards their owners.

Are Pugs sensitive?

Pugs can be sensitive, but aren't overly so. They handle most situations well, even when unpredictable things happen.
comfortable alone

Can Pugs be left alone?

Pugs are extremely sociable dogs that need a lot of human interaction. They do not like being left alone, and are known to exhibit anxious or destructive behavior when left for long periods.
cold weather tolerance

Can Pugs handle cold weather?

Pugs do not enjoy cold weather, and tend to complain if they are exposed to wintry conditions.
hot weather tolerance

Can Pugs tolerate hot weather?

Pugs do not tolerate hot conditions, and it's strongly advised to keep them out of the heat because it can be dangerous.
family dogs

Are Pugs good family dogs?

Pugs love to be around lots of people, and they mix well with people all ages. You can rest assured that Pugs make excellent family dogs.
good with kids

Are Pugs good with kids?

Pugs get along great with kids. Although they can get quite over-excited around children, they are very unlikely to cause children any harm.
good with other dogs

Do Pugs get along with other dogs?

Pugs tend to get along fine with other dogs. Although they might have disagreements from time to time, they are not known for aggression or hostility.
obesity risk

Do Pugs gain weight easily?

Pugs are gluttonous eaters and gain weight very easily. You should be extremely careful not to overfeed Pugs, or else the problem will quickly escalate towards obesity.
friendly with strangers

Are Pugs friendly with strangers?

Pugs have a positive affinity towards other people, so you can expect them to be open and trusting with strangers.
shedding potential

Do Pugs shed a lot?

Now is the time to upgrade your vacuum cleaner. Pugs are notorious shedders, and tend to leave hair behind them everywhere they go.
drool factor

Do Pugs drool a lot?

Drooling will not be a concern for you with Pugs.
grooming effort

Do Pugs need a lot of grooming?

Pugs require no effort whatsoever when it comes to grooming. Hooray!

Do Pugs have health problems?

Pugs are known to suffer from a wide range of health problems. They can, of course, live good lives with proper care, but you can expect hefty vet bills and some emotional turmoil.

Do Pugs get big?

Pugs are on the smaller side, and are therefore suitable for tighter living spaces.
easy to train

Are Pugs easy to train?

Pugs can be challenging to train, but if you are prepared to put in the work you will still end up with a good dog.

Are Pugs intelligent?

Pugs are not the most intelligent of dogs, and it can take a long time for them to learn certain commands.

Are Pugs mouthy?

Pugs are not known to be big nippers or chewers.
prey drive

Do Pugs have a prey drive?

Pugs will chase small creatures, but it's an urge that can be settled quite easily with training.
tendency to bark

Do Pugs bark a lot?

Pugs are what we call "selective barkers". When they bark, you should probably pay attention.

Do Pugs run away?

Pugs might like to explore, but they rarely wander far. They just have strong desires to be close to their companions.
energy level

Do Pugs have a lot of energy?

Pugs have a moderate amount of energy. Although they have a desire to run around outside, they will not complain on slower days.

Are Pugs intense?

Pugs get excited easily, and usually require calmness training to mould them into good boys and girls.
exercise needs

Do Pugs need a lot of exercise?

Pugs need a moderate amount of exercise. They have a desire to run around outside that needs satisfying, but they will not complain if you take a day off.

Are Pugs playful?

Pugs are the type of dogs that will bring you a toy and expect you to try to steal it from them. They are very playful, mischievous and fun-loving dogs, well into their adult lives.

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