American Pugabull Names

The American Pugabull is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the American Bull Dog and Pug dog breeds. Medium in size, alert, and loyal, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents.

American Pugabull Names

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All American Pugabull Names

One Or Expert
Noble Friend
God of war in greek mythology.
Friend in Spanish.
Courtyard within castle walls; steward or public official.
Lower, either in elevation or geography.
strike violently and repeatedly
Son Of My Right Hand
Resolute protector
An overwhelming all out attack.
Explosive leap forward or upright; the action of a rifle.
Extra power given to a rocket on lift off.
Active, quick or lively.
Male sibling, also used as a term of endearment for males.
Combustion in rockets.
Tough guy; a man of great strength.
a hard brittle candy made with butter and brown sugar
The void before the birth of the universe, titan god, total disorganization and confusion.
Skilled hunter or huntsman.
erect or decumbent Old World perennial with axillary clusters of rosy-purple flowers; introduced in United States
Girl in Spanish.
Diminutive form of Francisco; means small, boy or child.
Daphnis and chloe, is an ancient greek novel
Friend or pal.
The Spice
From the ford by the cliff
someone excellent of their kind
move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position
Gem Cutter
One Who Dances
Morning Star
one of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots
Coachman, Operator Of A Vehicle
a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log
Foolishness, madness or lunacy, the ziegfeld follies were elaborately staged productions incorporating hundreds of beautiful smiling young ladies endlessly fanning out across the stage.
a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin
Lively, frolicsome and playful.
covering with fine light hairs
A festive celebration.
A chess opener in which a pawn is sacrificed to obtain an advantage.
Silly, ridiculous.
any of various terrestrial burrowing rodents of Old and New Worlds; often destroy crops
an imaginary being similar to a person but smaller and with hairy feet; invented by J.R.R. Tolkien
a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop
Short form of Huckleberry
From Irving, Scotland
Beloved friend.
Short Form Of Jillian
The power of a wave. Electrical current.
of great mass; huge and bulky
Strong, healthy second son
the name of a star
a woman of refinement
Sport, Play
Dear friend.
A buoyant motion.
Full Of Life, Energy
The sneaky and trickster god in Norse mythology.
Servant Of Mars, God Of War
Confusion, turmoil, involving hand-to-hand combat.
(Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree
Created Name
one who is playfully mischievous
eat intermittently; take small bites of
The Yew Tree Or Youth
A friendly, romantic or professional affiliation.
The pepper pad a handheld game console.
A long-lived bird in greek mythology.
Flute Player
the position on a baseball team of the player who throws the ball for a batter to try to hit
Shortened form of father.
a vulcanized rubber disk 3 inches in diameter that is used instead of a ball in ice hockey
Fun and sassy.
the feat of mustering strength for a renewed effort
Violent or wild disorder, confusion. A bright display of color.
To move with great speed or violence.
a noisy fight
Always slow-moving.
Compassionate friend.
Friend to talk with in the evening.
A famous cartoon canine sleuth
First Explorer
Series of films featuring tornados swirling with live great white sharks in their midst.
The shelby cobra; initially manufactured in 1962 using the a/c ace shell.
a bowling game that is played by rolling a bowling ball down a bowling alley at a target of nine wooden pins
Slang for moving out rapidly. ''He smoked the competition.''
a marksman who shoots at people from a concealed place
hit hard
a job in an organization
Spirited, plucky
To handily beat all competition; to clear an area; to drive in a steady force. Sweep is a common herding dog name.
Leaping Water
Gift of god
Divine Gift
To defeat decisively.
Massive tidal wave.
Enthusiasm, vivaciousness and vigor.
a short light gust of air
Typically packaged in a can, this substance is intended to prevent the recipient from proceeding in an action repugnant to the conferrer of the can. Once opened the recipient should expect total devastation.
a concluding action
Powerful sweeping wind.
A play on Zip-a-Dee- Doo-Dah, Oscar winning song from Disney's Song of the South.

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Characteristics of American Pugabulls

apartment living

Can American Pugabulls be apartment dogs?

Although not ideal, American Pugabulls can live successfully in apartments as long as they get enough time outside.
first-time owners

Are American Pugabulls good for first time owners?

American Pugabulls can be suitable for first-time dog owners, but if you're considering one you should be committed to working hard and prepared for some challenges.

Are American Pugabulls sensitive?

American Pugabulls are sensitive dogs, so you should be aware that scolding or punishing them tends to leave an imprint.
comfortable alone

Can American Pugabulls be left alone?

American Pugabulls are extremely sociable dogs that need a lot of human interaction. They do not like being left alone, and are known to exhibit anxious or destructive behavior when left for long periods.
cold weather tolerance

Can American Pugabulls handle cold weather?

American Pugabulls do not enjoy cold weather, and tend to complain if they are exposed to wintry conditions.
hot weather tolerance

Can American Pugabulls tolerate hot weather?

American Pugabulls can certainly tolerate warm conditions, but they will get excessively hot if exposed to the sun for a long time.
family dogs

Are American Pugabulls good family dogs?

American Pugabulls love to be around lots of people, and they mix well with people all ages. You can rest assured that American Pugabulls make excellent family dogs.
good with kids

Are American Pugabulls good with kids?

American Pugabulls get along great with kids. Although they can get quite over-excited around children, they are very unlikely to cause children any harm.
good with other dogs

Do American Pugabulls get along with other dogs?

American Pugabulls mostly get along with other dogs, although you can expect them to make a few enemies here and there. Good play can be nurtured with socialization training.
obesity risk

Do American Pugabulls gain weight easily?

American Pugabulls have a moderate risk of gaining weight, but obesity is not common.
friendly with strangers

Are American Pugabulls friendly with strangers?

American Pugabulls can sometimes be wary of strangers, but they are mostly open and willing to engage with other humans.
shedding potential

Do American Pugabulls shed a lot?

American Pugabulls are moderate shedders. They drop some of their coat in the summer, but it shouldn't be too difficult to keep your place hair-free.
drool factor

Do American Pugabulls drool a lot?

American Pugabulls are moderate droolers.
grooming effort

Do American Pugabulls need a lot of grooming?

American Pugabulls require minimal grooming, but it's still important to brush their hair every couple of weeks.

Do American Pugabulls have health problems?

Unfortunately, American Pugabulls are prone to some quite unpleasant illnesses, sometimes stretching to arthritis, hip dysplasia and even cancer. But if you look after your pup and pay attention to their needs, they won't necessarily encounter these issues.

Do American Pugabulls get big?

American Pugabulls are moderately sized dogs, large enough to be considered 'big dogs' but still small enough to be picked up and carried if necessary.
easy to train

Are American Pugabulls easy to train?

American Pugabulls can be challenging to train, but if you are prepared to put in the work you will still end up with a good dog.

Are American Pugabulls intelligent?

American Pugabulls are relatively smart, and can learn common commands without too much work. But they will struggle to understand trickier concepts.

Are American Pugabulls mouthy?

American Pugabulls are not known to be big nippers or chewers.
prey drive

Do American Pugabulls have a prey drive?

American Pugabulls have a high prey drive, and this gives them an instinctual urge to chase small animals.
tendency to bark

Do American Pugabulls bark a lot?

American Pugabulls tend to bark quite a lot, which can be irritating for owners.

Do American Pugabulls run away?

American Pugabulls might like to explore, but they rarely wander far. They just have strong desires to be close to their companions.
energy level

Do American Pugabulls have a lot of energy?

American Pugabulls are energetic dogs that need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. You should consider whether or not this is compatible with your lifestyle.

Are American Pugabulls intense?

American Pugabulls get excited easily, and usually require calmness training to mould them into good boys and girls.
exercise needs

Do American Pugabulls need a lot of exercise?

American Pugabulls need a moderate amount of exercise. They have a desire to run around outside that needs satisfying, but they will not complain if you take a day off.

Are American Pugabulls playful?

American Pugabulls are the type of dogs that will bring you a toy and expect you to try to steal it from them. They are very playful, mischievous and fun-loving dogs, well into their adult lives.

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Teddy is the most popular name, having received more likes than any other in this list of American Pugabull Names.

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