Ibizan Hound Names

The Ibizan Hound was originally bred to hunt rabbits and small game on the Balearic island of Ibiza. Today, the Ibizan Hound dog breed is still used in that capacity in Spain and elsewhere. Ibizan Hounds also compete in lure coursing, agility, obedience, conformation, and tracking, in addition to being much-loved family companions.

Ibizan Hound Names

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All Ibizan Hound Names

One Or Expert
fruit of the oak tree: a smooth thin-walled nut in a woody cup-shaped base
The one that brings joy.
Destroyer; god of music, poetry, prophecy, archery and medicine
Of The Stars
Full of joy
Courtyard within castle walls; steward or public official.
A thief.
any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species
Son Of My Right Hand
a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt
Descendant Of Bradach
Name Of A Scottish Castle
Tough guy; a man of great strength.
North American walnut tree having light-brown wood and edible nuts; source of a light-brown dye
Free man
A Nail, Spice
Powdered Chocolate
a medium brown to dark-brown color
carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts (`dope' is a southernism in the United States)
Small files that hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website.
a reddish-brown color resembling the color of polished copper
Ancient roman god of love.
One Who Dances
Full of joy
Delicate, Weakened
Fuel; diminutive form of Matthias.
Happy and content
From The South In The U.S.
Descendant of Dubhthach
From The Netherlands
Earnest, serious
Caprice, whim or illusion.
River Crossing
Free or truthful; from France.
Reddish Orange Color
From The Wooded Valley
Full of energy and vitality. a mod 1960s discoteque the whisky a go-go.
Devastation or ruinous damage.
apply henna to one's hair
Messenger or earthly, from the name Hermes
Chocolate brand
Rest day.
Inspired by homer simpson.
Land Of The Indians
The first name of agatha christie's miss marple character
The Lord exists
A master criminal in dc comics' batman.
Happy and cheerful
Blessed child / respectful child
From The Village With The Church
fuzzy brown egg-shaped fruit with slightly tart green flesh
a woman of refinement
Short for Leticia; meaning happy.
Diminutive Of The Name Elizabeth
Cheerful and happy
Person From Lucania, Italy
To love; God's saviour; dark skinned
eat intermittently; take small bites of
Joy or happiness
Full of drive and fast on the pickup.
a mark on a die or on a playing card (shape depending on the suit)
chop cut from a hog
annual native to South America having underground stolons bearing edible starchy tubers; widely cultivated as a garden vegetable; vines are poisonous
Spanish for quickly or immediately.
Fun and sassy.
Gamekeeper; a rover or wanderer
Inspired by rocky balboa.
an enclosure for cattle that have been rounded up
Counsel Rule
Diminutive Form Of Sarah
Diminutive Form Of Samuel Or Samantha
one who is playfully mischievous
Small light mode of transportation.
shabby and untidy
Shade From Sun
Glow or emit light, the take a fancy to or a practical joke such as monkey shines.
Reddish Brown
a marksman who shoots at people from a concealed place
plant having heads of fragrant white trumpet-shaped flowers; grows in sandy arid regions
hit hard
characterized by speed; moving with or capable of moving with high speed
Butler, Steward
Sweet Crystal Spice
a person loved by another person
Gift of god
A Marvel superhero.
a medium brown to dark-brown color
pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness
move to and fro
Happiness / snow

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Characteristics of Ibizan Hounds

apartment living

Can Ibizan Hounds be apartment dogs?

Ibizan Hounds make fantastic apartment dogs. They don't need much space or physical activity, so they're perfectly happy in a city condo or smaller apartment.
first-time owners

Are Ibizan Hounds good for first time owners?

Ibizan Hounds can be suitable for first-time dog owners, but if you're considering one you should be committed to working hard and prepared for some challenges.

Are Ibizan Hounds sensitive?

Ibizan Hounds are sensitive dogs, so you should be aware that scolding or punishing them tends to leave an imprint.
comfortable alone

Can Ibizan Hounds be left alone?

Ibizan Hounds are less comfortable alone, and tend to show signs of separation anxiety when apart from their favorite humans.
cold weather tolerance

Can Ibizan Hounds handle cold weather?

Ibizan Hounds cannot handle cold weather, and we strongly recommend not to adopt this type of dog if you live in wintry conditions.
hot weather tolerance

Can Ibizan Hounds tolerate hot weather?

Ibizan Hounds are pretty well suited to warm climates because they can successfully regulate their body temperature.
family dogs

Are Ibizan Hounds good family dogs?

Ibizan Hounds love to be around lots of people, and they mix well with people all ages. You can rest assured that Ibizan Hounds make excellent family dogs.
good with kids

Are Ibizan Hounds good with kids?

Ibizan Hounds adore children, and tend to treat them very gently as if they were their own. While caution is advised with any dog, Ibizan Hounds certainly inspire a lot of confidence around kids.
good with other dogs

Do Ibizan Hounds get along with other dogs?

Ibizan Hounds get on extremely well with other dogs, due to their sociable nature. They are reasonable, tolerant and forgiving when interacting with other pups.
obesity risk

Do Ibizan Hounds gain weight easily?

Ibizan Hounds can practically eat what they want without gaining weight. Obesity in these dogs is very uncommon.
friendly with strangers

Are Ibizan Hounds friendly with strangers?

Ibizan Hounds have a positive affinity towards other people, so you can expect them to be open and trusting with strangers.
shedding potential

Do Ibizan Hounds shed a lot?

Ibizan Hounds are moderate shedders. They drop some of their coat in the summer, but it shouldn't be too difficult to keep your place hair-free.
drool factor

Do Ibizan Hounds drool a lot?

Drooling will not be a concern for you with Ibizan Hounds.
grooming effort

Do Ibizan Hounds need a lot of grooming?

Ibizan Hounds require no effort whatsoever when it comes to grooming. Hooray!

Do Ibizan Hounds have health problems?

Ibizan Hounds are known to be pretty free of health problems. But you should still take them for regular check-ups.

Do Ibizan Hounds get big?

Ibizan Hounds are moderately sized dogs, large enough to be considered 'big dogs' but still small enough to be picked up and carried if necessary.
easy to train

Are Ibizan Hounds easy to train?

Ibizan Hounds can be challenging to train, but if you are prepared to put in the work you will still end up with a good dog.

Are Ibizan Hounds intelligent?

Ibizan Hounds are very smart dogs, and can learn new commands with 10 or so repetitions.

Are Ibizan Hounds mouthy?

Ibizan Hounds nip a lot as puppies, but tend to grow out of it quickly.
prey drive

Do Ibizan Hounds have a prey drive?

Ibizan Hounds are natural hunters, and will drop everything to chase squirrels, mice and groundhogs. Training them to stop can be a long process. Look out for skunks!
tendency to bark

Do Ibizan Hounds bark a lot?

Ibizan Hounds are what we call "selective barkers". When they bark, you should probably pay attention.

Do Ibizan Hounds run away?

Ibizan Hounds are known for their wanderlust. It's strongly advisable to microchip these dogs or attach GPS trackers if they are frequently allowed to run free.
energy level

Do Ibizan Hounds have a lot of energy?

Ibizan Hounds have extremely high energy levels, and will absolutely test your patience as an owner. If you don't keep their minds busy, they can become irate and destructive.

Are Ibizan Hounds intense?

Ibizan Hounds can be intense sometimes, but are usually quite level-headed and calm.
exercise needs

Do Ibizan Hounds need a lot of exercise?

Ibizan Hounds have extremely high energy levels, and need regular exercise. If you don't let them burn off this energy on a daily basis, they can become irate and destructive.

Are Ibizan Hounds playful?

Ibizan Hounds are the type of dogs that will bring you a toy and expect you to try to steal it from them. They are very playful, mischievous and fun-loving dogs, well into their adult lives.

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