Hipster Dog Names

If you really want to make a statement and name your dog something completely off-the-wall, here's a list of the best hipster dog names.

Hipster Dog Names

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All Hipster Dog Names

  • Meaning: Honest
  • Meaning: Home Ruler
  • Meaning: Protective, strong, wise.
  • Meaning: From The Eagle Valley
  • Meaning: Hebrew for 'blessed, fortunate'
  • Meaning: Of Attica
  • Meaning: Half Danish
  • Meaning: Exalted, revered
  • Meaning: Elf King
  • Axl
    Meaning: My Father Is Peace
  • Meaning: Dweller By The Brook
  • Meaning: God Is My Oath
  • Meaning: Will, desire and helmet protection
  • Meaning: Yellow
  • Meaning: Bright and shiny.
  • Meaning: The color; also a colloquialism meaning "sad"
  • Meaning: Bracken
  • Meaning: Strong, brave protector.
  • Meaning: Hill
  • Meaning: Brown-haired
  • Meaning: Speckled
  • Meaning: Tri-color or calico
  • Meaning: Citrus fruit
  • Meaning: Of a well known father
  • Meaning: Lovable, loyal companion.
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Meaning: Day's eye. The petals of a daisy open during the day, revealing its yellow centers, and then close at night.
  • Meaning: Liberty
  • Meaning: Unknown Meaning
  • Meaning: Delicate, Weakened
  • Meaning: From The Tribe Of Dumnonii
  • Meaning: Right-handed, skilled
  • Meaning: From The South In The U.S.
  • Meaning: Free spirit musician.
  • Meaning: Short Form Of Edith
  • Meaning: Delicacy, Tenderness
  • Meaning: Beautiful rose flower.
  • Meaning: Strong, brave, noble.
  • Meaning: Ironsmith
  • Meaning: Marsh Town
  • Meaning: Diminutive Form Of Josephine
  • Meaning: Fair-haired hero
  • Meaning: Short form of various given names that are derived from surnames beginning with Norman French fitz meaning "son of" (for example Fitzroy).
  • Meaning: Descendant Of The Red Warrior
  • Meaning: Flower; the goddess of flowers in Roman mythology
  • Meaning: From France Or Free
  • Meaning: Free or truthful; from France.
  • Meaning: A goddess of love in norse mythology
  • Meaning: Spear Of Strength
  • Meaning: Grey-haired
  • Meaning: Lives by the forest or bush
  • Meaning: The Hazel Tree
  • Meaning: Inspired by homer simpson.
  • Meaning: The son of Hugh
  • Meaning: From The Hunt Field
  • Ike
    Meaning: Laughter
  • Meaning: Person From India
  • Meaning: Violet (Flower)
  • Ira
    Meaning: Watchful
  • Meaning: Colorful, Rainbow
  • Meaning: Island
  • Ivy
    Meaning: Climbing Vine Plant
  • Meaning: Daisy
  • Meaning: Youthful, Downy
  • Meaning: Juniper Berry
  • Meaning: The king of the gods in roman mythology.
  • Meaning: Leader, wise, ruler, sage.
  • Kai
    Meaning: Victorious
  • Meaning: From the King's town
  • Meaning: Glory
  • Meaning: Dear One
  • Meaning: Light
  • Meaning: Bold leader
  • Meaning: Lilac Tree
  • Meaning: Little Lion
  • Meaning: Sorrows
  • Meaning: From The Great River
  • Meaning: Person From Lucania, Italy
  • Meaning: Famous Warrior
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Meaning: Lake Remains
  • Meaning: Mighty in battle
  • Meaning: From The Boundary Gate
  • Mia
    Meaning: Of The Sea Or Bitter
  • Meaning: Who Is Like God?
  • Meaning: Soldier or servant
  • Meaning: Diminutive Form Of Mildred Or Millicent
  • Meaning: Soldier, or merciful
  • Meaning: Of The Sea Or Bitter
  • Meaning: Of The Sea Or Bitter
  • Meaning: Cute little bear.
  • Meaning: Snow
  • Meaning: Short Form Of Nicholas Or Nicodemus
  • Nix
    Meaning: command against
  • Nyx
    Meaning: Goddess of the night in greek mythology
  • Meaning: Olive Or From The Olive Tree
  • Meaning: From Glorious Land
  • Meaning: You Are My Light
  • Meaning: Bear Cub
  • Meaning: Wealth
  • Meaning: Prosperous, rich
  • Meaning: The first woman in greek mythology
  • Meaning: Smooth, Round Bead Formed By A Mollusk
  • Pi
    Meaning: The sixteenth letter in the greek alphabet.
  • Meaning: Flute Player
  • Meaning: Flatland
  • Meaning: Royal Son
  • Meaning: Wise
  • Meaning: Counsel Protection
  • Ree
    Meaning: Short For Names Ending In REE Or RIE
  • Meaning: Cure
  • Meaning: Oarsman Or Remedy
  • Meaning: One who is mischievous; a scamp or vagabond
  • Meaning: Rosemary Or Person From Rome
  • Meaning: An open-source general-purpose programming language.
  • Meaning: Red
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Meaning: Costly spice
  • Meaning: United States writer (born 1919)
  • Meaning: Open Plain
  • Meaning: Red
  • Meaning: First Explorer
  • Meaning: Venerable
  • Sia
    Meaning: God Of Perception.
  • Meaning: Expedition, Invasion
  • Meaning: Star
  • Meaning: Dark-eyed
  • Meaning: Diminutive Form Of Susan
  • Meaning: Leaping Water
  • Meaning: Cheerful
  • Meaning: Famous, victorious, leader.
  • Meaning: Gift of God.
  • Meaning: Divine Gift
  • Meaning: Purple/blue Flower
  • Meaning: Ruler
  • Meaning: Woodsman's son.
  • Meaning: Small Bird
  • Meaning: Fair, White, Blessed
  • Meaning: God Is Gracious
  • Meaning: The king of all gods and men in greek mythology.
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Meaning: Earth

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As of September 2023, hipster dog names are trending down with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were six months ago.

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