Ocean Dog Names

The ocean brings calming and healing energy to all of us, including dogs. Show your love for surf, beach and the sea by giving your dog one of these ocean dog names.

Ocean Dog Names

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All Ocean Dog Names

  • Agua translates to water in Spanish, a key element associated with seas and beaches.
  • Named after the Atlantic, it reflects the vastness and mystery of the sea.
  • Aqua signifies water, which is a key element of seas and beaches.
  • This name is inspired by the water-bearing zodiac sign, symbolizing the sea.
  • She's the main character in Disney's "The Little Mermaid," living under the sea.
  • This name is inspired by a Caribbean island known for its beautiful beaches.
  • Fishing often uses bait, which is a common activity at sea.
  • The color often represents the sea's vast, deep waters.
  • Sea winds often create gentle, refreshing gusts, reminiscent of a dog named Breeze.
  • Brook refers to a small stream, often leading to larger bodies of water.
  • This name originates from a river in Scotland, linking it to water-themed monikers.
  • This name originates from Greek mythology, representing a nymph who ruled over a mystical island.
  • Captains traditionally command ships, linking the title to maritime themes.
  • It's derived from the world's largest inland body of water, the Caspian Sea.
  • Cayman refers to a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea, hence its maritime association.
  • Cliffs are often found at the edge of sea, symbolizing a connection with water bodies.
  • Sky formations often reflect on water surfaces, linking it to sea-inspired monikers.
  • Coral refers to the colorful marine life found in underwater ecosystems.
  • She's named after Uranus' moon, which is named after a sea goddess.
  • Sailing trips often involve cruising, linking the name to maritime activities.
  • Darya translates to "sea" in Persian languages.
  • Refers to landform where river meets sea, often shaped like Greek letter Δ.
  • It's named after a major port city in England known for its white cliffs.
  • Waterfowl like ducks are commonly associated with marine environments.
  • Sand hills by the sea often inspire this canine moniker.
  • It's derived from a Welsh mythological sea god.
  • Named after a tropical island country surrounded by vast waters.
  • Derived from maritime culture, it signifies a sailor or someone who loves the sea.
  • Harbors are typically found by the sea, making it a maritime-themed canine moniker.
  • Named after a large body of water, Hudson River, which flows into the Atlantic Sea.
  • Hydra is a sea monster from Greek mythology, making it a water-related dog name.
  • The name originates from a river in the Middle East, linking it to water themes.
  • Kawai translates to "water" in Hawaiian, linking it to sea themes.
  • Resembles delicate patterns seen in sea foam or coral formations.
  • Laguna refers to a coastal body of water, often associated with beaches and sea life.
  • In Spanish, it translates to "wool," referencing the fluffy white appearance of sea foam.
  • Loon refers to a water bird often found at sea, inspiring its use for canine names.
  • Luana means "enjoyment of the sea" in Hawaiian.
  • Derived from Latin, it means "light", often associated with lighthouses guiding seafarers.
  • This name is inspired by a famous Californian beach city known for its coastal beauty.
  • Tropical fruits are often associated with beach and sea settings.
  • Marella translates to "star of the sea" in Italian.
  • Marina refers to a harbor where boats dock, often associated with seaside and water.
  • Mariners are seafarers, navigating and exploring vast bodies of water.
  • Maris translates to "of the sea" in Latin, making it a water-related canine moniker.
  • Derived from Latin, it means "of the sea".
  • The name is linked to Bob Marley, whose music is often associated with beach and surf culture.
  • Marlin is a type of large fish, making it a fitting name for a sea-loving pup.
  • Refers to coastal wetlands often found at sea edges.
  • This name is inspired by a Hawaiian island known for its beautiful beaches and sea life.
  • It's linked to the term for an independent sailor or surfer.
  • Derived from Maia, a water nymph in Greek mythology.
  • Midge is a type of small, water-dwelling insect, linking the name to aquatic themes.
  • Misty evokes images of sea fog and coastal weather conditions.
  • The character hails from a Polynesian island and navigates the sea in her Disney film.
  • Derived from Captain Morgan, a famous pirate, linking it to maritime themes.
  • Moss is often found near bodies of water, including the sea.
  • This name originates from Greek mythology, referring to water nymphs known as Naiads.
  • Nami translates to "wave" in Japanese, linking it to sea themes.
  • Named after the Roman god of seas, symbolizing water and marine life.
  • Derived from Nereids, sea nymphs in Greek mythology, symbolizing its maritime connection.
  • Nixie refers to a water sprite in German folklore, linking it to aquatic themes.
  • Nori is a type of edible seaweed found in the sea.
  • The name reflects vastness and depth, characteristics associated with large bodies of water.
  • In Spanish, "Onda" translates to "wave", a common sea feature.
  • Pacifica refers to the peaceful and vast Pacific sea, making it a water-themed dog name.
  • Derived from a term for a pilgrim returning from the sea.
  • Pearls are precious gems found in sea oysters, linking the name to marine life.
  • Small stones often found on beaches inspire this canine moniker.
  • Playa translates to beach in Spanish, linking it to seaside themes.
  • Water from skies often ends up in seas, linking the two elements.
  • Reefs are underwater ecosystems, making the name fitting for a sea-loving canine.
  • Ren
    Ren translates to "lotus" in Japanese, a flower often associated with bodies of water.
  • Rio
    The city is famous for its expansive coastline and beach culture.
  • Both are large bodies of water, symbolizing a connection to nature and tranquility.
  • It refers to rugged, coastal landscapes often associated with seascapes.
  • Waves quickly surge towards shore, similar to the fast-paced meaning behind this canine moniker.
  • Sailors navigate seas, making the name fitting for a sea-loving canine.
  • Sails are a key part of boats, which navigate large bodies of water.
  • It's associated with beaches and coastal areas, which are part of marine environments.
  • Shelly is reminiscent of seashells, often associated with beaches and sea life.
  • Shore refers to the land along the edge of a large body of water, often associated with dogs' love for beach play.
  • Skipper refers to a person who commands a boat, linking it to nautical themes.
  • Dogs named this often love water, embodying the playful spirit of waves hitting the shore.
  • Seasonal rebirth often symbolizes the constant ebb and flow of tides.
  • Severe weather often occurs at sea, making this name fitting for a canine.
  • Warm season often associated with beach trips, water activities, and maritime adventures.
  • Sunshine is often associated with beach days and seaside activities.
  • Surfing is a popular water sport, often associated with beach and sea activities.
  • This name originates from Native American language, meaning "lovely water", hence its aquatic association.
  • This color is often associated with the sea's serene and tranquil hues.
  • Tiki refers to Polynesian carvings often associated with coastal cultures.
  • Tobago is a Caribbean island, known for its beautiful marine life and beaches.
  • Pirates often buried their valuable loot at sea, hence the association.
  • This name is inspired by the Hindu deity of water.
  • Wading refers to walking through shallow water, a common activity for dogs at the beach.
  • Wharf refers to a structure by the sea where ships dock, linking it to maritime themes.
  • Willows grow near water, symbolizing the connection between the tree and sea.
  • Zale is Greek for "strength of the sea", linking it to maritime themes.

Ocean Dog Names meaning Water

Staying on the ocean theme, these names mean water or are in some way related to the word.

Meaning: water
Meaning: Water
Meaning: heavenly water
Meaning: Water bird
Meaning: Particles Of Water
Meaning: Lovely water
Meaning: Frozen Water
Meaning: Wooded by water.
Meaning: Frozen Water
Meaning: Leaping Water
Meaning: a well watered place
Meaning: Another word for water

Beach Dog Names

Love chilling on the beach? These beach dog names will make you and your dog feel like you're lying by the ocean waves sipping on a mojito.

Meaning: this is a sweet drink, served in a large glass, which is made from both dark and light rum, along with passion fruit, lemon and ice. Is your dog a bit chaotic and messy? This could be a great name for him!
Meaning: Famous dark beer
Meaning: A break.
Meaning: A classic cocktail made with gin, grenadine and one egg white.
Meaning: From the English word lake, for the inland body of water. It is ultimately derived from Latin lacus.
Meaning: knowledge; skill
Meaning: brings happiness
Meaning: possessed of youth
Meaning: endurance; strength
Meaning: excellent one
Meaning: success; valuable
Meaning: land by the road

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How popular are Ocean Dog Names?

Ocean Dog Names currently rank in 24th place out of all PupNames.com categories.

As of May 2024, ocean dog names seem increasingly popular with new puppy owners. Our stats show that they are more fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a lot of variation for this category, which suggests its popularity could be seasonal or based on cultural events.

Which are the cutest and most unique Ocean Dog Names?

These ocean dog names range from cute to badass, and from traditional to unique. Click each circle to see the name.

Pebbles is among the cutest of these. If you prefer tougher, edgier dog names, the one considered the most badass is Maverick.

Loon scored high for its uniqueness, which would help your dog to stand out. But if you prefer more common, old-fashioned names, the more traditional option here is Dylan.

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Who'd have thought?! Some of the countries you might not have thought about that LOVE ocean dog names are Puerto Rico, and Spain.

On the flip, PupNames data shows there's not much interest in Malaysia, Singapore and Austria.

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