Australian Shepherd Names

Despite their name, the Australian Shepherd dog breed originated in the western United States, not Australia, around the time of the Gold Rush in the 1840s. Originally bred to herd livestock, they remain a working dog at heart.

Australian Shepherd Names

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All Australian Shepherd Names

Noble kind
Variant Of Anne. Biblical: Devout Woman Who Saw Infant Jesus Presented At The Temple In Jerusalem.
Destroyer; god of music, poetry, prophecy, archery and medicine
A titan condemned to hold up the celestial heavens for eternity in Greek mythology. It means "to carry".
Beautiful; short for Isabella.
bramble with sweet edible black or dark purple berries that usually do not separate from the receptacle
partial or total loss of memory
From bonnie and clyde.
Bubbly, effervescent, lively and enthusiastic."
Beer staple
For camouflage
Bright, Sweet
The leader of a group of people
Abbreviation Of Carol And Caroline From The Masculine Charles Meaning Manly
Type Of Tree
annoy continually or chronically
a person who is in charge
Follower of Christ
The Spice
A technology company known for its networking products in the us.
burn to charcoal
a medium brown to dark-brown color
move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position
Little Or No Light
Like the dice you roll
From The South In The U.S.
Leader, commander, governor of a province
Between Day And Night
Dark Black-wooded Tree
A mountain nymph in Greek mythology.
Bird In The Hawk Family
Flower; the goddess of flowers in Roman mythology
confusion characterized by lack of clarity
Lively, frolicsome and playful.
Playful behavior, merriment and fun. to gambol merrily.
Father in rejoicing
From The Wooded Valley
Made Of Gold
The Hazel Tree
having hills and crags
Spear ruler
To move or travel rapidly, especially if jet-propelled.
A master criminal in dc comics' batman.
Extremely sensitive and responsive, possessing acute perception and showing a strong desire.
A playful excursion, frolic or adventure.
Man from Laurentum
look through a book or other written material
Defending men
deep-rooted coarse-textured plant native to the Mediterranean region having blue flowers and pinnately compound leaves; widely cultivated in Europe for its long thick sweet roots
Bluish Purple Color Or Flower.
Mystical powers in mythology.
an informal use of the Latin word for mother; sometimes used by British schoolboys or used facetiously
Bright as the sea
12:00 AM
(Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree
reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
Particles Of Water
Of The Sea Or Bitter
Referencing sleuth nancy drew
Born On Christmas Day
A luphomoid assassin in marvel comics.
Abbreviation Of Eleanor Shining Light.
the time of day immediately following sunset
any of numerous shrubs or herbs or vines of the genus Solanum; most are poisonous though many bear edible fruit
Black Gemstone
Deer Lover
The pepper pad a handheld game console.
a mark on a die or on a playing card (shape depending on the suit)
God of hell and wealth in roman mythology.
Royal Son
A daughter of a monarch.
Spanish for quickly or immediately.
Fun and sassy.
Gamekeeper; a rover or wanderer
Inspired by rocky balboa.
First Explorer
shabby and untidy
the shore of a sea or ocean
From the valley
Filled With Frozen Rain
Stingy or pointed.
a job in an organization
someone who hits
A ballroom dance of Latin American origin, particularly Argentina
Gift of god
Follower of Christ
very small
Between the mountains
Stooping Eagle
a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
move from side to side

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Characteristics of Australian Shepherds

apartment living

Can Australian Shepherds be apartment dogs?

Australian Shepherds do not get along well with apartments, and it's strongly recommended not to choose this breed if you live in a small space.
first-time owners

Are Australian Shepherds good for first time owners?

Australian Shepherds can be tricky to raise, and as such they're not recommended for new dog owners.

Are Australian Shepherds sensitive?

Australian Shepherds are highly sensitive and really take punishment to heart. They are very easily stimulated in general, so require gentle and stable leadership in order to flourish.
comfortable alone

Can Australian Shepherds be left alone?

Australian Shepherds are less comfortable alone, and tend to show signs of separation anxiety when apart from their favorite humans.
cold weather tolerance

Can Australian Shepherds handle cold weather?

Australian Shepherds aren't too phased by cold weather. Their paws might ice up in bitterly cold temperatures, but generally they'll still be happy to be outside.
hot weather tolerance

Can Australian Shepherds tolerate hot weather?

Australian Shepherds are pretty well suited to warm climates because they can successfully regulate their body temperature.
family dogs

Are Australian Shepherds good family dogs?

Australian Shepherds love to be around lots of people, and they mix well with people all ages. You can rest assured that Australian Shepherds make excellent family dogs.
good with kids

Are Australian Shepherds good with kids?

Australian Shepherds get along great with kids. Although they can get quite over-excited around children, they are very unlikely to cause children any harm.
good with other dogs

Do Australian Shepherds get along with other dogs?

Australian Shepherds get on extremely well with other dogs, due to their sociable nature. They are reasonable, tolerant and forgiving when interacting with other pups.
obesity risk

Do Australian Shepherds gain weight easily?

Australian Shepherds have a relatively high risk of obesity, so you should be disciplined about controlling their diet.
friendly with strangers

Are Australian Shepherds friendly with strangers?

Australian Shepherds can sometimes be wary of strangers, but they are mostly open and willing to engage with other humans.
shedding potential

Do Australian Shepherds shed a lot?

Australian Shepherds are moderate shedders. They drop some of their coat in the summer, but it shouldn't be too difficult to keep your place hair-free.
drool factor

Do Australian Shepherds drool a lot?

Drooling will not be a concern for you with Australian Shepherds.
grooming effort

Do Australian Shepherds need a lot of grooming?

Australian Shepherds require regular grooming to keep their luxurious coats in tip-top condition. You'll need to brush their hair pretty much every day, and you'll probably end up well-acquainted with your local dog groomer.

Do Australian Shepherds have health problems?

Unfortunately, Australian Shepherds are prone to some quite unpleasant illnesses, sometimes stretching to arthritis, hip dysplasia and even cancer. But if you look after your pup and pay attention to their needs, they won't necessarily encounter these issues.

Do Australian Shepherds get big?

Australian Shepherds are moderately sized dogs, large enough to be considered 'big dogs' but still small enough to be picked up and carried if necessary.
easy to train

Are Australian Shepherds easy to train?

Australian Shepherds are known to be extremely trainable, due to their agreeable nature and eagerness to please. Puppies will, of course, be puppies. But you have to screw up pretty badly to end up with one of the few unruly Australian Shepherds.

Are Australian Shepherds intelligent?

Australian Shepherds are known to be very intelligent dogs, and are capable of learning new commands with as few as five repetitions.

Are Australian Shepherds mouthy?

Australian Shepherds tend to be very mouthy, and training them to stop can take a bit of time.
prey drive

Do Australian Shepherds have a prey drive?

Australian Shepherds have a high prey drive, and this gives them an instinctual urge to chase small animals.
tendency to bark

Do Australian Shepherds bark a lot?

Australian Shepherds tend to bark quite a lot, which can be irritating for owners.

Do Australian Shepherds run away?

Australian Shepherds are known for their wanderlust. It's strongly advisable to microchip these dogs or attach GPS trackers if they are frequently allowed to run free.
energy level

Do Australian Shepherds have a lot of energy?

Australian Shepherds have extremely high energy levels, and will absolutely test your patience as an owner. If you don't keep their minds busy, they can become irate and destructive.

Are Australian Shepherds intense?

Australian Shepherds get excited easily, and usually require calmness training to mould them into good boys and girls.
exercise needs

Do Australian Shepherds need a lot of exercise?

Australian Shepherds have extremely high energy levels, and need regular exercise. If you don't let them burn off this energy on a daily basis, they can become irate and destructive.

Are Australian Shepherds playful?

Australian Shepherds are the type of dogs that will bring you a toy and expect you to try to steal it from them. They are very playful, mischievous and fun-loving dogs, well into their adult lives.

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