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Yoga brings us inner peace, exercise and healing of the mind. Give your dog a sense of zen by choosing one of these beautiful and spiritual yoga-inspired dog names.

Yoga Dog Names

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  • This term represents a principle of non-violence and respect for all living things, central to spiritual practices.
  • Ajna refers to the sixth chakra, often associated with intuition and enlightenment in spiritual practices.
  • Derived from Sanskrit, it signifies "sky" or "ether", concepts deeply rooted in Eastern spiritual practices.
  • Ananda refers to bliss and joy in Sanskrit, often associated with spiritual practices.
  • Anusara originates from a Sanskrit term used in a popular form of exercise.
  • This term originates from a popular physical and spiritual discipline in India.
  • The term signifies a divine being's descent into earthly form, aligning with spiritual practices.
  • Derived from Sanskrit, it signifies "father" or "honored elder", often used for spiritual leaders in Eastern traditions.
  • Citta refers to the mind or consciousness in ancient Indian spiritual traditions.
  • Dashan translates to "perfection" in Sanskrit, a language often used in spiritual practices.
  • Deva refers to a divine being in Hinduism, a philosophy often linked with physical and spiritual practices.
  • Devi is a term in Hinduism for a goddess, often associated with spiritual practices.
  • Dhyana signifies a state of profound meditation, a concept deeply rooted in spiritual practices.
  • This name originates from a Sanskrit term referring to focused gaze in meditation practices.
  • This name is derived from a revered deity in Hinduism, often associated with mindfulness and enlightenment practices.
  • Garuda is a mythical bird-like creature in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, often associated with mindfulness and strength.
  • Japa refers to a spiritual practice of repeating mantras or divine names in Hinduism.
  • She represents a powerful Hindu goddess associated with liberation and transformation, concepts central to yogic philosophy.
  • Mandalas symbolize unity and harmony, principles central to the practice of mindfulness and meditation.
  • Relates to repeated words or sounds used in meditation practices.
  • Mudra refers to symbolic hand gestures used in spiritual practices, often associated with canine poses.
  • Nadi refers to energy channels in ancient Indian spiritual practices.
  • Om
    Om is a sacred sound and spiritual icon in Indian religions, often used in meditation practices.
  • Refers to wisdom in Sanskrit, often used in spiritual practices for enlightenment.
  • This name signifies nature and originality in Sanskrit, often associated with spiritual practices.
  • Prana refers to the universal life force or energy, a concept central to Eastern spiritual practices.
  • Prema originates from Sanskrit, meaning love, often used in spiritual practices.
  • Sadhvi refers to a woman who has chosen a life of spiritual discipline and asceticism.
  • Derived from Sanskrit, it reflects tranquility and peace, principles central to the practice of mindfulness and meditation.
  • This term refers to a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation.
  • This name originates from a Sanskrit mantra often used in meditation practices.
  • Satsag originates from Sanskrit, often used in spiritual practices for 'truth' and 'company'.
  • Derived from Sanskrit, it signifies truthfulness, a key principle in yogic philosophy.
  • Shakti represents divine feminine energy in Hindu philosophy, often practiced in yoga.
  • Shanti originates from Sanskrit, meaning peace, often used in meditation practices.
  • Relates to spiritual practices involving meditation and breath control, often associated with yogic traditions.
  • This name originates from Sanskrit, meaning knowledge or wisdom, concepts highly valued in yogic philosophy.
  • This term refers to a sequence of poses in a popular form of exercise.
  • He's a revered deity in Hinduism, which is closely linked to the practice of meditation and physical postures.

Spiritual Dog Names

Break away from the mainstream and give your dog a spiritual or mystical name. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Meaning: Gracious, Merciful
Meaning: Mythological nature goddess worshiped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor.
Meaning: Garden of holly
Meaning: Lady
Meaning: Head of a parish
Meaning: Belief in the existence of a god or gods
Meaning: In christian theology it is the transforming effect of divine grace
Meaning: Great teacher; a supremely wise guide
Meaning: Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi
Meaning: Moral excellence
Meaning: Sufi word for meditation literally it is an arabic term which means 'to watch over', ''to take care of', or 'to keep an eye'
Meaning: Elf or fairy

Zen Dog Names

Set your dog up right with these zen dog names. They're great for lovers of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, who want to inspire a sense of calm in their pup.

Meaning: Mythological nature goddess worshiped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor.
Meaning: Traveller By The Ford
Meaning: Lady
Meaning: a loosely woven cord (in a candle or oil lamp) that draws fuel by capillary action up into the flame
Meaning: showing signs of wear and tear
Meaning: a male human offspring
Meaning: To hang loose.
Meaning: an informal use of the Latin word for mother; sometimes used by British schoolboys or used facetiously
Meaning: To lay sprawled about.
Meaning: Unexpected mistake/error.
Meaning: monstrous sea creature symbolizing evil in the Old Testament
Meaning: Vacation.

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editor's choice

Our guide to the best yoga dog names

While the downward-facing dog continues to be one of the most recognized yoga poses, it might seem like the connection between dogs and yoga is tenuous at best. But giving your pup a yoga-inspired name can help to reflect the qualities you admire in your dog. Strength, flexibility, balance, and inner peace, are all positive attributes exuded by dogs, to the point that they can actually contribute to our energy as owners.

The practice of ‘doga’, which involves practising yoga with dogs, has also risen to prominence in recent years, being seen as a way to deepen the bond between humans and their furry companions. So the connection is getting stronger, and if you’re a yoga enthusiast yourself, there are myriad reasons as to why you’d want to bestow your new puppy with one of the yoga-inspired dog names in this list.

For male dogs, our first recommendation would be Mantra. This literally means a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation, and we also use the word ‘mantra’ to refer to our guiding principles. With dogs being as consistent and resilient as they are, this name really reflects the traits that will make you fall in love with your dog.

If you’d like something more unusual, Satnam is a Sanskrit and Punjabi word meaning “truth as the highest identity”, and refers to a meditation used most frequently in Kundalini yoga. Another cute name for boys and girls (but boys preferred) would be Shanti, which simply means “peace”.

For female dogs, our favorite name from this list is definitely Prana. The term “prana” is a very common one in the yoga universe, and translates to both “primary energy” and “breath” – which of course is one of yoga’s most fundamental aspects. Another name along these lines would be Nadi, a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “tube,” “channel” or “flow.”

And if you’d like a girls’ name that’s a little more subtle, what about Kali? Commonly understood as “the age of Kali,” Kali Yuga is a Sanskrit term in the Hindu tradition used to describe our current epoch. What we love about the name is that it’s also an alternative spelling of Callie, which is a more conventional but still extremely cute dog name.


How popular are Yoga Dog Names?

Yoga Dog Names currently rank in 84th place out of all categories.

As of April 2024, yoga dog names are trending down with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a lot of variation for this category, which suggests its popularity could be seasonal or based on cultural events.

Which are the cutest and most unique Yoga Dog Names?

These yoga dog names range from cute to badass, and from traditional to unique. Click each circle to see the name.

Shanti is among the cutest of these. If you prefer tougher, edgier dog names, the one considered the most badass is Akasha.

Akasha scored high for its uniqueness, which would help your dog to stand out. But if you prefer more common, old-fashioned names, the more traditional option here is Kali.

How does interest compare across the United States for Yoga Dog Names?

The map below compares each state by the number of people browsing Yoga Dog Names.

The states that love yoga dog names the most are Wyoming, Alaska and South Dakota.

The least amount of interest in this category was registered in Hawaii, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Which countries have the most love for Yoga Dog Names?

Here's a world map showing the popularity in each country of yoga dog names.

Who'd have thought?! Some of the countries you might not have thought about that LOVE yoga dog names are Brunei, Macao and Turks and Caicos Islands.

On the flip, PupNames data shows there's not much interest in Hungary, Austria and China.

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