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Love horror movies and Halloween? Or just want to scare the life out of your neighbours? These spooky dog names could be right up your (dark) alley!

Spooky Dog Names

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  • This name is linked to Halloween due to the tradition of bobbing for apples.
  • Fall season is often associated with Halloween and eerie vibes.
  • Bat
    Associations with darkness, night, and Halloween give this canine moniker a chilling vibe.
  • Associations with monsters and supernatural creatures make it eerie.
  • Associations with fire and the supernatural give it a chilling, eerie connotation.
  • Associations with "bogeyman" give it a creepy, Halloween-like vibe.
  • The name originates from a popular TV show about vampire slaying.
  • This name evokes images of witches laughing, often associated with fear and horror.
  • Associations with Halloween treats and potential danger from consuming too much sugar give it a chilling vibe.
  • Associations with cloaks often worn by classic horror figures like vampires or witches.
  • Associations with carving pumpkins for Halloween and carving knives give it a chilling vibe.
  • The name is associated with a famous friendly ghost from pop culture.
  • Dark hues and associations with fire evoke a sense of mystery and fear.
  • Cloaks are often associated with mystery, darkness, and Halloween, making it a fitting name for a dog.
  • Associations with lurking, stealthy figures in horror stories make it eerie for a canine moniker.
  • Its association with the moon phase often linked to supernatural occurrences and eerie night scenes.
  • Associations with the horror film "The Omen," where Damian is the Antichrist.
  • The name is linked to "Inferno", a famous dark and hellish literary work.
  • Associations with evil and darkness make it a chilling choice for a pet's moniker.
  • Its dark color association often links to mystery, night, and supernatural elements.
  • Darkness associated with lunar events often evokes feelings of mystery and fear.
  • Associations with glowing coals and darkness give it a mysterious, eerie feel.
  • Sharp teeth are associated with scary creatures like vampires or werewolves.
  • Fangs are often associated with creatures of horror, like vampires or werewolves, making it a chilling choice for a dog name.
  • Fog
    Mystery and uncertainty often surround this weather condition, eliciting fear and unease.
  • The name originates from a classic horror novel featuring a terrifying, man-made monster.
  • The name references Frankenstein, a classic horror tale, and implies a monstrous, eerie canine.
  • Associations with horror icon Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street make it eerie.
  • Associations with heavy, ominous cargo and eerie, nighttime train sounds evoke a sense of unease.
  • Associations with the supernatural and unseen can make it seem eerie or unsettling.
  • Goblins are associated with mischief and fear, often appearing in horror and fantasy tales.
  • Associations with mischievous monsters from popular horror films make it a chilling choice for a pet.
  • The holiday is associated with ghosts, witches, and other eerie elements.
  • This name combines the eerie holiday of October 31st with a popular breed, the Dachshund.
  • The name implies a ghostly presence often associated with fear and mystery.
  • Jinx is associated with bad luck or a curse, often linked to eerie or supernatural themes.
  • Mystical undertones often associate with supernatural or eerie themes.
  • Associations with darkness and mystery often evoke feelings of fear and unease.
  • Associations with night, darkness, and mystery give it a supernatural vibe.
  • Associations with fear, darkness, and terror make this canine moniker unsettling.
  • Stealth and mystery associated with the term evoke a sense of eeriness.
  • This name is associated with dark, mysterious themes from classic detective and crime films.
  • Associations with famous horror film director, Bates, from Psycho, give it a chilling connotation.
  • This name suggests a foreboding or prophetic event, often associated with fear and the supernatural.
  • Its association with dark, mysterious gemstones gives it a Halloween-like vibe.
  • This name is linked to the mythological figure who unleashed all evils into the world.
  • Associations with pirates, who often wore eye patches, give it a Halloween or eerie vibe.
  • Phantoms are often associated with ghosts and the supernatural, making it eerie for a dog name.
  • Pocus draws inspiration from "Hocus Pocus," a phrase often associated with magic and Halloween.
  • Conjures images of witches, magic, and Halloween, often associated with fear and mystery.
  • Mischievous undertones and associations with playful troublemaking give it a Halloween-like vibe.
  • Associations with darkness, mystery, and Edgar Allan Poe's macabre poem heighten its eerie connotations.
  • Associations with the horror film "Rosemary's Baby" give it a chilling connotation.
  • The name is associated with mystery and intrigue, often linked to eerie detective stories.
  • Associations with Halloween, death, and fear make this canine moniker eerie.
  • This name is inspired by skeletons, often associated with Halloween and horror themes.
  • The name is associated with a vampire-themed TV show character.
  • Arachnids often evoke fear and are associated with Halloween, making this a chilling canine moniker.
  • The name evokes images of ghosts and supernatural entities often associated with fear and mystery.
  • The name evokes feelings of mystery, fear, and the supernatural, often associated with Halloween or ghost stories.
  • Associations with turbulent weather and darkness give it a mysterious, eerie vibe.
  • Associations with mysticism and the occult give this canine moniker an eerie vibe.
  • Loud noises often scare people, and thunder is associated with storms and unpredictability.
  • Associations with Halloween and trick-or-treating give it a ghostly connotation.
  • Associations with Halloween pranks and mischievous spirits give it a supernatural vibe.
  • Associations with mischief and unpredictability evoke a sense of eeriness and uncertainty.
  • Associations with dusk, mystery, and popular vampire novels give it a creepy vibe.
  • Associations with vampires, known for their nocturnal and supernatural nature, make it eerie.
  • Named after a character from a famously eerie family in pop culture, Addams Family.
  • Associations with eerie willow trees and supernatural elements in folklore give it a chilling vibe.
  • This name is associated with the ghost dog from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
  • This name is associated with the undead, often seen in horror films, creating a chilling vibe.
  • Zuul is a ghostly character from the movie "Ghostbusters."

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How popular are Spooky Dog Names?

Spooky Dog Names currently rank in 68th place out of all PupNames.com categories.

As of May 2024, spooky dog names seem increasingly popular with new puppy owners. Our stats show that they are more fashionable than they were at this time last year.

We've seen quite a lot of variation for this category, which suggests its popularity could be seasonal or based on cultural events.

Which are the cutest and most unique Spooky Dog Names?

These spooky dog names range from cute to badass, and from traditional to unique. Click each circle to see the name.

Apple is among the cutest of these. If you prefer tougher, edgier dog names, the one considered the most badass is Raven.

Cloak scored high for its uniqueness, which would help your dog to stand out. But if you prefer more common, old-fashioned names, the more traditional option here is Freddy.

How does interest compare across the United States for Spooky Dog Names?

The map below compares each state by the number of people browsing Spooky Dog Names.

The states that love spooky dog names the most are District of Columbia, Mississippi and Maryland.

The least amount of interest in this category was registered in Montana, Maine and Idaho.

Which countries have the most love for Spooky Dog Names?

Here's a world map showing the popularity in each country of spooky dog names.

Who'd have thought?! Some of the countries you might not have thought about that LOVE spooky dog names are Bahamas, Kazakhstan and Jordan.

On the flip, PupNames data shows there's not much interest in Malaysia, Israel and China.

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