Spooky Dog Names

Love horror movies and Halloween? Or just want to scare the life out of your neighbours? These spooky dog names could be right up your (dark) alley!

Spooky Dog Names

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  • Meaning: Crisp and sassy like the fruit.
  • Meaning: Fall Season
  • Bat
    Meaning: (baseball) a turn trying to get a hit
  • Meaning: Big and burly.
  • Meaning: Bright and shiny.
  • Meaning: an unidentified (and possibly enemy) aircraft
  • Meaning: From buffy the vampire slayer television series.
  • Meaning: noisy talk
  • Meaning: Bright, Sweet
  • Meaning: a sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter
  • Meaning: From an English surname that meant "wood carver".
  • Meaning: Treasurer
  • Meaning: a very dark grey color
  • Meaning: hide under a false appearance
  • Meaning: any of various small insectivorous birds of the northern hemisphere that climb up a tree trunk supporting themselves on stiff tail feathers and their feet
  • Meaning: Crescent
  • Meaning: the fighter
  • Meaning: Steadfast
  • Meaning: (Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell
  • Meaning: Dark Black-wooded Tree
  • Meaning: be greater in significance than
  • Meaning: Spark, Burning Low
  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Meaning: a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon
  • Fog
    Meaning: confusion characterized by lack of clarity
  • Meaning: From the surname Frankenstein, used by Mary Shelley in her 1818 novel of the same name for the scientist Victor Frankenstein. The monster that Frankenstein created, which has no name in the novel, is sometimes called Frankenstein in modern speech, as if it were his given name.
  • Meaning: Reanimated monster dog.
  • Meaning: Peaceful ruler; diminutive of Frederick.
  • Meaning: the charge for transporting something by common carrier
  • Meaning: Breath, soul, spirit, being
  • Meaning: (folklore) a small grotesque supernatural creature that makes trouble for human beings
  • Meaning: (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous
  • Meaning: the evening before All Saints' Day; often devoted to pranks played by young people
  • Meaning: Fun Halloween celebration.
  • Meaning: haunt like a ghost; pursue
  • Meaning: Edgy.
  • Meaning: Mystical powers in mythology.
  • Meaning: 12:00 AM
  • Meaning: From The Moon
  • Meaning: a situation resembling a terrifying dream
  • Meaning: a class of 14th century Japanese who were trained in martial arts and were hired for espionage and assassinations
  • Meaning: black
  • Meaning: Man From The North
  • Meaning: a sign of something about to happen
  • Meaning: Black Gemstone
  • Meaning: The first woman in greek mythology
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Meaning: something existing in perception only
  • Meaning: Magic trickery or mischief.
  • Meaning: a medicinal or magical or poisonous beverage
  • Meaning: Mischievous person or animal.
  • Meaning: Dark-colored.
  • Meaning: Herb
  • Meaning: Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Watson
  • Meaning: a scandal that is kept secret
  • Meaning: Skeleton King/Lord/Prince
  • Meaning: Lily
  • Meaning: a computer program that prowls the internet looking for publicly accessible resources that can be added to a database; the database can then be searched with a search engine
  • Meaning: Soul
  • Meaning: unpredictably excitable (especially of horses)
  • Meaning: Impetuous Nature
  • Meaning: any of a set of (usually 78) cards that include 22 cards representing virtues and vices and death and fortune etc.; used for playing card games and for divination by fortunetellers
  • Meaning: utter words loudly and forcefully
  • Meaning: provide with choice or abundant food or drink
  • Meaning: Rogish practical joke or illusion.
  • Meaning: To disturb the mental calm or to worry another.
  • Meaning: Dusk
  • Meaning: provide (a shoe) with a new vamp
  • Meaning: the fourth day of the week; the third working day
  • Meaning: From The Willow Grove
  • Meaning: Nothing, Empty
  • Meaning: someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way
  • Meaning: Demonic gatekeeper spirit.

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As of September 2023, spooky dog names are trending down with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were six months ago.

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