Military Dog Names

The military trains everything we expect to see in our dogs: strength, loyalty and discipline. If you've got a larger, more powerful breed, try these military dog names on for size!

Military Dog Names Dog Names

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Military Dog Names For Boys

High mountain; exalted, enlightened
One Or Expert
A hero of the trojan war; the greatest greek warrior in greek mythology.
well known fighter
The site of the famous battle (and fort) in Texas.
Defender Of The People
Defender Of The People
A golden ram in greek mythology
Army man; soldier; warrior.
young warrior
One of the fiercest fights in Marines history was the Battle of Belleau Wood during World War I."
Inspired by Berkline.
Large, loud or notable; also a slang term for people of the Baby Boomer generation.
Battle, Fight
From The Broad Meadow
From muddy place
For camouflage
The leader of a group of people
Son Of Carr
war or soldier
Free man
strips of potato fried in deep fat
Ruddy warrior
a great hero
large American feline resembling a lion
General Custer is most famously known for his last battle, the Battle of Little Bighorn, but before that he was a hero in the Civil War.
Upholder Of The Good
Brilliant Gem
The people???™s ruler
Pledge, Nobleman
fit for battle
Adventurous, courageous
God's bravest man
This Newfoundland became the mascot of a Canadian battalion during World War II.
A lion-eagle in iranian mythology.
Strong in battle in swedish.
Henry H. Arnold was a famous five-star general who was taught to fly by the Wright Brothers and became U.S. commanding general of the armed forces during World War II.
a guard in the army
courageous protection
courageous in battle
The Lord exists
The name of the Marines' first Bulldog mascot, circa 1922.
free man
victorious people
Irish for handsome
This Shepherd-Husky mix was rescued by Marines stationed in Iraq, who kept him despite the no-pets rule.
Defender of men in greek.
Strong willed
well known fighter
Better; a military rank
Soldier, or merciful
Of The Sea Or Bitter
This poodle protected French troops during the Napoleonic Wars by warning them of a surprise attack by Austrian soldiers.
defender of man
first in battle
From The Priest's Field
extremely brave
Capable one
measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects
Two American soldiers adopted this brave little terrier in France during World War I.
Before they were known as SEALs, these special forces were called Scouts and Raiders.
daring power
To move with great speed or violence.
From Rome, Italy
Famous Wolf
defender of mankind
An Australian special forces explosives detection dog who saved lives by sniffing out IEDs in Afghanistan.
First Explorer
a lawman with the rank of sergeant
Cloth Cutter
Victorious Protector
Peaceful One
Believed to a Boston Terrier mix or some type of pit bull, Stubby served in World War I where he alerted troops in the trenches to gas attacks.
A ballroom dance of Latin American origin, particularly Argentina
warrior's attendant
The famous city named in the Marines' Hymn.
An acient city in Greek mythology.
bright fighter
powerful, strong
Valor, Health
Winner, Conqueror
This Scandinavian name means 'war,' and dates back to the Vikings.
Army Ruler
The name Southerners gave soldiers from the North of the US during the Civil War.
Victorious Protector

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