French Dog Names

Show your 'je ne sais quoi' with these fancy French dog names. Everything sounds more romantic in French, so why not give your pup a snazzy European twist?

French Dog Names Dog Names

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French Dog Names For Boys

Noble And Ready
powerful eagle
white, fair
a fortress built in Paris in the 14th century and used as a prison in the 17th and 18th centuries; it was destroyed July 14, 1789 at the start of the French Revolution
Beautiful View
brave friend
French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)
Creamy cheese
French Post-impressionist painter who influenced modern art (especially cubism) by stressing the structural components latent in nature (1839-1906)
a gallant or courtly gentleman
Cook. it is also used as a nickname for names long names that begin with 'co-.
god of wine
French philosopher and mathematician; developed dualistic theory of mind and matter; introduced the use of coordinates to locate a point in two or three dimensions (1596-1650)
Lucky, fortunate
aimless loafer
free or French
From Gascony, France
Spear carrier
fighter, guide
Ruler Of The Home
Wise man
God is gracious
youthful or downy-bearded
From The Land Of The Beech Tree
Brave as a lion
red head
The name of so many french kings
bringer of light
French painter whose work influenced the impressionists (1832-1883)
a port city in southeastern France on the Mediterranean
to wonder, admire
French painter and sculptor; leading figure of fauvism (1869-1954)
To Be Heard
Elf Warrior Or Ancestor's Descendant
French for handsome prince of troy
Easter child, lamb
Lover of horses
oak tree
Oarsman Or Remedy
strong counselor
River Bank, Coast
French sculptor noted for his renderings of the human form (1840-1917)
Divine Gift
a city on the Garonne River in southern France to the southeast of Bordeaux; a cultural center of medieval Europe
Bold or sad
a Welshman
French writer who was the embodiment of 18th century Enlightenment (1694-1778)

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editor's choice

Our guide to the best french dog names

French culture is loved around the world, mostly for its distinct influence on art and fashion. So if you're a bit of a fashionista or you just want to make a statement, French dog names will have irresistable appeal.

Even if you're not about art or fashion, the French language just has a beautiful sense of romance to it that seems to make everything sound better. Giving your dog a French name allows you to hit that sweet spot between cute, fancy and a good dose of fun.

For male dogs, we have to start with the classic Beau. It's quite a common dog name, but for good reason, meaning 'handsome' in French and managing to be a versatile name that works for both small and big pups. If you like the trend of giving dogs people's names, we really recommend the names Louis and Leon. The latter works particularly well for large breeds, because it means 'lion' and represents bravery. For a pop culture take, why not go with Milou? It's the original French name of the dog from the classic comic book series Tintin.

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