a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabia






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Mocha has soared in popularity over the past decade, perhaps in correlation with society's growing obsession with coffee.

It's a strong hint at your pup's energy levels, which might just rival those of a double shot espresso. It's also a cheeky reference to the rich, chocolatey coat that many dogs sport.

One thing you probably didn't know is that Mocha is a port city in Yemen, known for its superior coffee beans.

So, if your pup is a rich blend of superior traits, Mocha could be a fitting tribute.

Just imagine the fun of telling people, as well. "Mocha keeps me awake more than my morning coffee!"

Traits associated with the name Mocha:

Dogs named Mocha tend to be loving, and good-natured. This name is also associated with companionship, intelligence, and friendship.

What does it say about you to have a dog named Mocha?

It suggests that you have a fondness for coffee and may have a sweet tooth. It could also suggest that you have a creative and unique sense of humor.

Is Mocha a good dog name?

Mocha has two syllables, which is highly recommended by dog trainers. The name also ends in a vowel sound, so it's easy for dogs to recognize. Mocha isn't one of the most common names, so your dog will certainly stand out. If you love the name, you should pick it!

Popularity: Overall

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Naming your dog Mocha is certainly a thing, but it's one of the more niche choices out there according to our data.

Popularity: Historical Trend

Mocha was, in the past month, the 187th most viewed dog name on

As of July 2024, Mocha is becoming ever more niche with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that the name is less fashionable than it was at this time last year.

In general, this name has held steady in popularity with visitors.

In the past week, Mocha was viewed 0 times, and liked 6 times.

Popularity: United States

The map below shows Mocha's popularity across the United States, according to PupNames data.

Mocha is most adored in Massachusetts, Michigan and Georgia.

By contrast, the name has been shown the least amount of interest in Alaska, Nebraska and Rhode Island.

Popularity: Around The World

And this world map shows which countries have the greatest love for the name Mocha.

Most popular breeds named Mocha:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Chihuahua
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Cocker Spaniel
  5. Chow Chow

Mocha is found in these categories:

dessert dog names

This name is inspired by a sweet, chocolatey coffee drink.

cute dog names

Evokes sweet, warm imagery of a beloved coffee drink.

brown dog names

Mocha matches their rich, creamy coffee-colored fur perfectly!

sassy dog names

Bold, rich, and full of zest, just like the coffee blend.

food dog names

Named after a rich, chocolatey coffee, perfect for caffeine and canine lovers!

cool dog names

Evokes rich coffee vibes, perfect for chill, caffeine-loving pet parents.

Dog names like Mocha:

Species Of Tree In The Acer Genus
Courtyard within castle walls; steward or public official.
A legendary good-natured elf that performs helpful services at night. Also a small square of rich chocolate cake.
Pleasant seaside meadow
Small files that hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website.
Sweet As Honey
Mocha dog name meaning

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Commenter icon
Judy Fisher (Michigan, United States)
This is my mocha Latta 1 yr old she is my baby
December 09, 2022

Commenter icon
Jeffery (England, United Kingdom)
Excuse me mocha from California, the name mocha is absolutely perfect for any brown dog. It’s so unique and so funny like omg I couldn’t think of a better name for any little dog. Well, except maybe Stephanie. I’m crying, my babies crying and my dog Mocha is howling. This is why dogs are superior to people, especially people like you. Hope h have a nice day xx
September 29, 2022

Commenter icon
(Nevada, United States)
My beautiful puppy turned 1 years old last weekend her name is Mocha Latte Newlun she's dark coco color miniature poodle,/ terrier mix small 10 pounds the moment she came into my arms my life as a surprise she was 3 months New Year's Eve 2021 I fell in love with her with my heart she's my companion my baby girl 💝🙏🙀
September 15, 2022

Commenter icon
Tiffany (Florida, United States)
Is the name mocha good name for a boy dog?
August 03, 2022

Commenter icon
mocha (California, United States)
this name is basic as fuck. Its in the same league as “lucky” or “coco” or even “brownie”. People just see a brown dog and go “omg mocha would be perfect bc my dog looks like mocha” like thousands of other people hadnt already thought of that shit. Sincerely, fuck mocha.
July 18, 2022

Commenter icon
Moka (Ontario, Canada)
Yeah I love that kind
July 02, 2022

Commenter icon
Moka (Ontario, Canada)
Yeah I love that kind
July 02, 2022

Commenter icon
mocha (Quebec, Canada)
not bad
January 09, 2022

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