Dog Names Starting With U

Still need a name for your pup? Here's a list of dog names beginning with U.

Dog Names Starting With U

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All Dog Names Starting With U

  • Meaning: bright heart
  • Meaning: "Absurd King Ubu."
  • Meaning: Loyal canine companion.
  • Ugo
    Meaning: Mind, heart, spirit
  • Ula
    Meaning: pearl
  • Ulf
    Meaning: Protector of the inheritance
  • Meaning: to be angry
  • Ull
    Meaning: A close combat god in Norse mythology.
  • Meaning: Famous Wolf
  • Meaning: all-ruling, wolf ruler
  • Meaning: What causes your skin to become darker after sun exposure.
  • Meaning: Wounded In The Thigh
  • Meaning: a medium brown to dark-brown color
  • Meaning: Dark moon spirit.
  • Meaning: plum child
  • Meaning: giant peace
  • Meaning: Gift of God.
  • Meaning: One at a disadvantage and expected to lose; comes from 19th century dog fights
  • Meaning: everything stated or assumed in a given discussion
  • Upe
    Meaning: river
  • Meaning: High Village
  • Meaning: Steven urkel a character on the sitcom family matters.
  • Meaning: Bear in latin.
  • Meaning: From the little mermaid.
  • Meaning: Dove
  • Meaning: People Of The Mountain
  • Meaning: an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal
  • Uzi
    Meaning: Power, Strength

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Dog Names Starting With U: Stats


As of November 2023, dog names starting with u are trending down with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that they are less fashionable than they were six months ago.

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