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Sky is a pawsome dog name, perfect for those pups with heads in the clouds or tails wagging with boundless energy. It's a nod to the limitless, blue expanse above us, making it a top pick for fans of aviation, astronomy, or The Simpsons' pooch, Santa's Little Helper. Etymologically, Sky stems from the Old Norse word for cloud, so it's a fitting moniker for fluffy breeds. Plus, it's a subtle tribute to Sky Masterson, the high-rolling gambler from Guys and Dolls. So, if you're betting on a name that's both celestial and cool, Sky's the limit!

Traits associated with the name Sky:

Dogs named Sky tend to be loving, loyal, good-natured, and resilient. This name is also associated with companionship, and empathy.

What does it say about you to have a dog named Sky?

That you have a creative and imaginative side, and that you appreciate the beauty of the sky.

Is Sky a good dog name?

Sky is a one-syllable dog name, making it short and snappy. The name also ends in a vowel sound, so it's easy for dogs to recognize. Sky is a widely loved dog name for good reason. If you like it, go for it!

Popularity: Overall

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Sky is one of the more popular dog names out there. According to our data, Sky outranks the great majority of names.

Popularity: Historical Trend

Sky was, in the past month, the 20th most viewed dog name on

As of May 2024, Sky is becoming ever more niche with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that the name is less fashionable than it was at this time last year.

In general, this name has held steady in popularity with visitors.

In the past week, Sky was viewed 0 times, and liked 6 times.

Popularity: United States

The map below shows Sky's popularity across the United States, according to PupNames data.

Sky is most adored in South Dakota, Arizona and Minnesota.

By contrast, the name has been shown the least amount of interest in Wisconsin, Maryland and Nebraska.

Popularity: Around The World

And this world map shows which countries have the greatest love for the name Sky.

Most popular breeds named Sky:

  1. Siberian Husky
  2. German Shepherd
  3. American Pitbull Terrier
  4. Labrador Retriever
  5. Rottweiler

Sky is found in these categories:

celestial dog names

Reflects the vast, star-studded expanse above us.

nature dog names

Reflects the outdoors, embodying elements like clouds, sunsets, and vast open spaces.

Dog names like Sky:

Glow or emit light, the take a fancy to or a practical joke such as monkey shines.
(printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words or sentences
Stingy or pointed.
Diminutive Form Of Alexander Or Sandra
Sky dog name meaning

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Sky es el nombre de mi perra milanois (Andalusia, Spain)
I see it perfect
November 14, 2023 ◆ Translated

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Sky (Alabama, United States)
The sky’s the limit
September 21, 2023

Commenter icon
Delmy (Departamento de San Salvador, El Salvador)
Excellent I like that dog name that's what my pet is called...
January 23, 2023 ◆ Translated

Commenter icon
Lena (Illinois, United States)
Sky it is name for dog from heaven
September 09, 2022

Commenter icon
Shy (Santa Catarina, Brazil)
The best name in the world
May 24, 2022 ◆ Translated

Commenter icon
Dayana (Departamento de Francisco Morazan, Honduras)
It's very nice my dog has the same name
May 20, 2022 ◆ Translated

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