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Roxy, a name with a rock 'n' roll edge, is perfect for your vivacious, tail-wagging diva. It's a nod to the iconic Roxy Theatre in LA, where legends like Neil Young and Bob Marley have graced the stage. Etymologically, Roxy is a diminutive of Roxana, meaning "dawn" or "bright" in Persian - perfect for your early-rising, sunshine-loving pup. Plus, it's a name that demands attention, just like your dog when she's eyeing your steak dinner. So, if your pooch has a larger-than-life personality and a taste for the spotlight, Roxy could be the perfect marquee for her.

Traits associated with the name Roxy:

Dogs named Roxy tend to be loving, good-natured, brave, and strong-willed. This name is also associated with companionship, and intelligence.

What does it say about you to have a dog named Roxy?

That you have a creative and fun side, and that you like to give your pets unique and meaningful names.

Is Roxy a good dog name?

Roxy has two syllables, which is highly recommended by dog trainers. The name also ends in a vowel sound, so it's easy for dogs to recognize. Roxy is a widely loved dog name for good reason. If you like it, go for it!

Popularity: Overall

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Roxy is one of the more popular dog names out there. According to our data, Roxy outranks the great majority of names.

Popularity: Historical Trend

Roxy was, in the past month, the 37th most viewed dog name on

As of July 2024, Roxy is becoming ever more niche with new puppy owners. Our stats suggest that the name is less fashionable than it was at this time last year.

In general, this name has held steady in popularity with visitors.

In the past week, Roxy was viewed 0 times, and liked 6 times.

Popularity: United States

The map below shows Roxy's popularity across the United States, according to PupNames data.

Roxy is most adored in Tennessee, Georgia and California.

By contrast, the name has been shown the least amount of interest in Utah, Kansas and Iowa.

Popularity: Around The World

And this world map shows which countries have the greatest love for the name Roxy.

Most popular breeds named Roxy:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Chihuahua
  4. Rottweiler
  5. Boxer

Roxy is found in these categories:

playful dog names

The name's association with fun, energetic personalities and its lively, two-syllable sound.

old fashioned dog names

Popular in the 1920s, it echoes the Roaring Twenties' flapper vibe.

Farm Dog Names

She's named after rural Roxbury, a popular canine retreat.

sassy dog names

Roxy oozes spunk, radiates boldness, and embodies a feisty spirit.

badass dog names

Exudes strength and confidence, hinting at a dog with a bold, adventurous spirit and a fearless, independent personality.

cute dog names

Evokes playful energy, reminiscent of popular cartoon canine, Scooby-Doo's Roxanne.

british dog names

Associated with popular UK cinema chain and iconic London music venue.

Dog names like Roxy:

Inspired by Rocky Balboa.
Always slow-moving.
Gamekeeper; a rover or wanderer
Sigourney weaver's character.
Roxy dog name meaning

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Adrianna (Tennessee, United States)
I think Roxy is a good name for a dog who is very energetic and aunt Katie has a dog named Roxy at home and she’s great with kids and is very gentle and friendly.
April 25, 2024

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Sofía (Nuevo León, Mexico)
Cute name, I recommend it for your pets :D I named my dog ​​Roxy because I thought the name was cute, I just didn't know the meaning since I saw it and I thought the name Roxy was cuter 🐾
April 05, 2024 ◆ Translated

Commenter icon
Hannah (Alabama, United States)
Awesome name for a girl dog
November 22, 2023

Commenter icon
Diandra (Lima, Peru)
Roxy Forveer
July 13, 2023 ◆ Translated

Commenter icon
sagayaraj (Karnataka, India)
yes faverate dog name Roxy good name
September 29, 2022

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