large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet; in some classifications considered a member of the bear family or of a separate family Ailuropodidae





Traits associated with the name Panda:

Dogs named Panda tend to be loving, affectionate, good-natured, and hard-working. This name is also associated with companionship, and beauty.

What does it say about you to have a dog named Panda?

It could say that you have a sense of humor and enjoy being creative with your pet names. It could also suggest that you have an appreciation for animals and nature.

Is Panda a good dog name?

Panda has two syllables, which is highly recommended by dog trainers. The name also ends in a vowel sound, so it's easy for dogs to recognize. Panda isn't one of the most common names, so your dog will certainly stand out. If you love the name, you should pick it!

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  • Panda ranks #601 with users of
  • Panda ranks #328 in the New York City Dog Name Database.
  • Panda ranks #335 in the Los Angeles Times 'Top Dogs'.

Panda is not a popular dog name. That's great if you like to stand out from the crowd!

In the past week, Panda was viewed 127 times, and liked 10 times.

Most popular breeds named Panda:

  1. Shih Tzu
  2. Chihuahua
  3. Chow Chow
  4. German Shepherd
  5. Australian Shepherd

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Panda dog name meaning

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Panda (Campeche, Mexico)
I would like to change the name to something similar in sound to "panda" but I can't find it. Could you suggest?
September 09, 2023 ◆ Translated

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