(music) a tremulous effect produced by rapid repetition of a single tone or rapid alternation of two tones





Traits associated with the name Tremolo:

Dogs named Tremolo tend to be loving, resilient, and industrious. This name is also associated with companionship.

What does it say about you to have a dog named Tremolo?

That you have a creative and unique sense of humor. It also suggests that you have an appreciation for music and the arts.

Is Tremolo a good dog name?

Tremolo has more syllables than most dog names, but you can easily give your pup a nickname to shorten things. The name also ends in a vowel sound, so it's easy for dogs to recognize. Tremolo isn't one of the most common names, so your dog will certainly stand out. If you love the name, you should pick it!

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  • Tremolo ranks #5,686 with users of
  • Tremolo ranks #2,998 in the New York City Dog Name Database.
  • Tremolo ranks #4,308 in the Los Angeles Times 'Top Dogs'.

Tremolo is not a popular dog name. That's great if you like to stand out from the crowd!

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Dog names like Tremolo:

Musical composition piece.
the lowest brass wind instrument
The daughter of the titan atlas in greek mythology
a long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra
a building where musical dramas are performed
an enthusiastic expression of emotion
Tremolo dog name meaning

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